Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Will Feature a More “Personal” Story

OnlySP: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is easily one of PS4′s most exciting games in the works right now. Coming off of The Last of Us, gamers are very interested to see where the story of Uncharted 4 will go. Based on the teaser trailer shown at E3, the game seems to be taking a darker approach, but Naughty Dog is being careful to assure gamers that the series isn’t straying too far from its roots.

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-Foxtrot1505d ago


I wonder if we'll find out his real name in this one or will they keep us guessing.

I mean they are making it out to be the last one but it's so painfully obvious. I think they are trying to trick us, there's no way Sony would let go of a huge Playstation mascot as Nathan Drake. I don't expect Uncharted 5 to come out for a long time but it will still happen.

PockyKing1505d ago

I'm sure there will be another Uncharted too, but I don't think it'll feature Nathan Drake. Probably all depends on where the story goes and the success of this entry, but man, if TLOU Remastered already sold 1.5 million copies, UC4 is going to have some real nice sales.

-Foxtrot1505d ago

I think if they got rid of Nathan Drake then it's not Uncharted anymore.

It's like having a Tomb Raider game then revealing the main character to be another woman...not Lara Croft. It's would be like "What's the point, I'd rather they make a new IP"

The characters drive Uncharted and make the games special, it would be silly to throw these characters out when you have a huge fanbase behind them.

The best thing they could do for this, even though I wouldn't want it to happen, is to make it so Elena is killed at the end of the game and because he doesn't have that normal life anymore with her gone he reverts at continuing his life as a thief. I wouldn't want it to happen but story wise that's the best way of getting him to continue his adventures. Unless of course they make it so at the end of the game Elena gets a taste for adventure again and it re-sparks her interest.

LOGICWINS1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

^^ND has made it clear that this is Nate's last adventure(at least the last adventure we will get to play through).

"One last time" is said twice in the trailer.

The franchise "Uncharted" will still exist and some new dark haired white guy with gifted climbing/marksmanship skills will take over. ND has managed to justify UC4's existence claiming this to be a personal adventure for Nate. Personally, I buy it.

THEORETICALLY speaking, UC3 ended the Nathan Drake trilogy. The Sir Francis Drake plot should have no bearing on the events of UC4.

"The characters drive Uncharted and make the games special, it would be silly to throw these characters out when you have a huge fanbase behind them"

Yes! The likable characters do drive Uncharted. But its not difficult to create NEW characters that are just as witty/likable.

Infamous: Second Son gave us Delsin instead of Cole and its the FASTEST selling game in the franchise. Gamers aren't THAT attached to characters that they will deprive themselves of a great game.

Uncharted fans won't boycott UC5 just because Nate isn't in it. Thats just an extreme/idiotic way of thinking. They will simply accept the change and adapt, no different than AC fans adapting to a new protagonist every year.

And as far as Tomb Raider is concerned, I'd GLADLY play as a non-Lara Croft protagonist(preferably a beautiful Asian or Black woman.

Salooh1505d ago

Drake is getting old for this. I don't see another sequel coming . Wouldn't mind if they make another sequel or even a prequel as long they evolve stuff and bring new experience..

medman1504d ago

I disagree with everything you said......except the beautiful asian or black woman part.

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showtimefolks1505d ago


Uncharted will continue and here are some options:

sony can ask ND to make a 3rd team which will only work on UC series every 2-3 years a new game. Since it will be under ND banner fans will really get behind it

give the series to the stduioo that did UC on Vita(sony bend)

or have a brand new team take control of it(less likely), look at LBP3. The team did LBP for Vita than sony gave them LBP3. Since Media Molecule didn't want to do more LBP games

that's one thing about sony as a publisher i like, they don't force their devs to work on something. And that's something even David Jaffe said about how much freedom they had under sony

MY money is on Sony Bend will take control of UC series moving forward


That's like playing god of war without kratos, UC series will always have Nathan(not if ND decide to kill him at the end of UC4 than for sure a new character lol, maybe his son out to get revenge)

colonel1791505d ago

Naughty Dog explained that they do NOT have 2 teams. They are one big team working at different task at different times.

Also, Naughty Dog normally ends their franchises each generation. I think the reason they are making an Uncharted 4, is because they wanted to have a game for PS4, and Uncharted 3 wasn't received very well STORY-wise.

WitWolfy1505d ago


No doubt, Uncharted 3's story was a bit f a let down. Maybe UC4 will fix that.

Axonometri1505d ago

Maybe more personal, but how many enemy do I have to shoot to move up 10 feet?

MysticStrummer1505d ago

Maybe "A Thief's End" will, at least on some level, refer to Drake's struggle with hemorrhoids.


Ripsta7th1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Maybe something happens to Sulli?

Rimeskeem1505d ago

If he dies I will quit life.

WitWolfy1505d ago

That escalated quickly.

kneon1505d ago

That's what I'm expecting, it a thiefs end, but which thief?

dafegamer1505d ago

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