Desiny: The beta did its job - I am sold

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Thanks to an awesome Editor-in-Chief (editor's note: Yeah, he's a pretty good guy :) ) I recently got to play Destiny on the PS4 during its early and limited beta stage, and instead of writing a preview this is more of my impression of my time with it. Destiny is not only the latest, but also the first game that Bungie has done in a little while since releasing my favorite of the Halo series, the prequel Reach (I have played 343’s Halo 4 but Reach was awesome!). While I may generally be an RPG/SRPG kind of guy with a love for platformers, I do love a good shooter every now and then especially when RPG elements are intertwined.

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Dwalls11711440d ago

I was sold on the Alpha
Making a free beta that works great does wonders for preorders and interest in your game. .

Wish Sony would have made PS now free that would of been smart

ArchangelMike1440d ago

Same here, I pre-ordered the game before the Alpha was over.