Crytek is Dying at Its CEO's Hands

"Crytek is a company that has built itself up as a gaming powerhouse over the years, so spending the past couple of months watching it seemingly implode from the inside-out have been a bit of a shock." - Joe Garcia, Stealthy Box

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DevilishSix1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Seems about right, often times CEO's lose touch with the worker bees. Also when problems start and it becomes public knowledge then the CEO acts all high and mighty or doesn't come clean it tends to look bad. Seems this is happening at Crytek as I type this.

ATi_Elite1438d ago

totally agree as Sergi Gregoravich the CEO of GSC Game World totally lost touch with the workers the gamers and REALITY as a whole and thus went Bankrupt and killed off GSC Game World and STALKER.

but then again Crytek started making crappy console products instead of sticking with what made them successful......looks at FarCy and Crysis.

Dark_Overlord1438d ago

"but then again Crytek started making crappy console products instead of sticking with what made them successful......looks at FarCy and Crysis."

I disagree, Crytek went for graphics over gameplay, pretty games lacking any substance, that's what is wrong IMO.

DanteVFenris6661438d ago

Farcry is made by ubisoft... It just uses the crytect engine. Plus farcry 3 surpassed ever console fps in the entire generation besides the fallout series.

DOMination-1438d ago

FarCry was made by Crytek but the sequels were Ubi Montreal

Jdoki1438d ago

What this dumbass CEO said was disgusting. I hope he goes. Shows he's out of touch and has no respect for his employees.

I'd boycott Crytek games but that only hurts the people who make the games. I'm sure Yerli gets his cut no matter what happens.

breakpad1438d ago

let them die ..they didnt offer anything special except first crysis and first far cry maybe...all the other games from crytek were mid failures ...they had such a powerful engine in their hands and they preffered to develope COd futuristic clones ...we will not miss anything if they close

Gamer19821438d ago

The thing is they own a lot of cool IPs like timesplitters and still shocked they let the battlefront IP lapse (Free Radical had it who they took over) so EA could buy it.

rainslacker1438d ago

I wouldn't worry about the IP's too much. Those will be the first things sold. Just look at THQ for reference.

Once they're sold, and depending on who they're sold to, then it may be time to start worrying about them. For the most part, Crytek has sat on a lot of their cool IP's, and if any company buys them, they are likely doing so to capitalize on it, which means we may see something from it sooner, rather than later.

starchild1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I enjoyed the Crysis games quite a lot. They are good games. They received generally good reviews and have good to great metacritic averages. I don't give a sh*t that it became popular among internet fanboys to hate on the games or the company. Console fanboys hate Crytek because they were always jealous of how good their games looked on PC, and some PC fanboys hate them because they didn't remain exclusive to the PC and are butthurt that they started making games for the consoles too.

But I don't care, the hate is ridiculous and completely out of proportion.

Are their games my favorite games ever? No. But they are a lot more enjoyable to me than the vast majority of shooters out there. The fact you call it a futuristic COD clone tells me that you are ignorant as hell and really haven't even played the games. They literally play nothing alike, aside from the fact that they are both FPS games.

starchild1438d ago

And to be clear, I'm not defending the CEO. He definitely has showed a smug attitude that I don't like. I think they could benefit from some better leadership. I just think that the hate towards the games is unrealistic and out of proportion.

Crysis --> 91
Crysis Warhead --> 84
Crysis 2 --> 86
Crysis 3 -->76

Those are the metacric scores. Those scores represent "good" to "outstanding" games. Even the lowest rated game out of the group, Crysis 3, would still be considered a good game.

Now, I'm not saying every individual has to agree with the metacritic average. Individuals are free to have their own opinions about each of those games, whether it would be a higher or lower score than the metacritic average. My problem is when people act like it is just a fact that all Crytek games are complete "shit".

That's where it gets ridiculous. Game reviewers in general disagree and by and large gave the games positive reviews. And many other gamers, myself included, disagree with that attitude as well, and enjoyed the Crysis games. The user reviews for these games on places like amazon are generally quite positive.

Those of us that frequent game sites nearly every day are a very small percentage of the people that buy and enjoy games. A bandwagon starting up among that very small percentage of people isn't nearly as relevant as those on the bandwagon might believe.

equal_youth1438d ago

they are on the wrong road with all their free to play stuff. they should improve the gameplay and story immersion in their games and go back to were they started with crisis 1 and the add on. i can't remember the name :/

boing11438d ago

Amazon will swoop them over.

equal_youth1438d ago

what exactly do you mean? :/

Gamer19821438d ago

Nope Amazon concentrating on there amazon machine now.. They were gonna get into proper gaming when MS were selling Xbox brand but MS wanted too much so they went the other way instead and now not even competing.

johny51438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

He was thinking about his next Ferrari instead of the long term investment of his company and employee's!

Too bad no one will miss you!

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