Microsoft Has "Great Stuff Planned" for Gamescom's Xbox Press Conference Post Show and More

Looks like Microsoft is planning some "great stuff" for Gamescom's post-conference show, with some "fun ideas" being considered. Xbox One preview codes will also be distributed.

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Septic1506d ago

I hope they show some new stuff at Gamescom. I suspect that they might however be content with showing in-game footage for games that only had CGI trailers shown off at E3. Which is okay I guess but I feel MS really need to keep the ball rolling.

iamnsuperman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I think their conference will have the same format as E3. Lots of footage with a mixture of live and CGI trailers. They have, also, kind of already announced a lot of the stuff I expected to see (quantum break) with that teaser picture. I think quantum break will have the biggest time spent on it because it needs to. The need to sell clearly the TV aspect.

I don't think a lot of that CGI stuff we saw at E3 will be ready yet. We mostly like going to get new CGI stuff and them demoing those games that are coming out end of this year and start of next

ninsigma1506d ago

Yeah I agree that quantum break will have a large part. They showed nothing from it at E3 which was surprising. It seems to be a big game for them so I think we can expect to see it there

Volkama1506d ago

I think Sunset Overdrive andForza Horizon 2 will get the most attention, followed by Dragon Age Inquisition and... whatever else comes out this year.

They will do a bit of gentle 2015 hype, but most of the show will just be a Christmas sales pitch.

ATi_Elite1506d ago

yeh I wanna see 20 minutes of in game gameplay of Quantum Break.

Kinect should be mentioned ZERO times.

DO NOT spend more than 5 minutes talking about EA Access or XBoxLive.

I need Alan Wake 2

TRD4L1fe1506d ago

I wanna hear about Kinect so MS give me something cool for the Kinect. Cortana maybe

1506d ago
stiggs1506d ago


I want a hamburger. No, cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake. I want potato chips...

You'll get nothing, and like it!

MeliMel1506d ago

I wanna hear more of Kinect aswell. Any new games for it and more preview of D4. I think for MS its probably alot of QB. Would also be nice if they showed more of Halo Nightfall and more on the indie scene for sure.

Jeedai Infidel1506d ago

I'd like to see a little more of Fantasia, along with a solid release date.

ATi_Elite1506d ago

you have got to be kidding me!!!!

18 disagrees from those wishing to see KINECT stuff!

I just got TROLLED HARD!!!

donthate1506d ago

I would love to see some innovative Kinect stuff. Heck, even a Star Wars Jedi Kinect game would be awesome with the improved precision.

Heck anything with Kinect to show us, MS still loves Kinect as much as we do!

Benoski1505d ago

No way that we are going to see Alan Wake 2 at the show. Remedy aren't working on it right now, they're focused on Quantum Break.

I am interested to hear more from Quantum Break, it does look pretty good.

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oSHINSAo1506d ago

A Ti_Elite i guess, they already test EA Access, i bet they will release it tomorrow

Provolone241506d ago

I agree. I think they need to show some stuff we don't know about...if they have anything lol.

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TheCatsMeow1506d ago

This is gonna be a great show.

SideNote1506d ago

They need to convince us why we need a xbox one. I have one, but I'm on the fence about its future. I really don't want to be playing the same old thing over and over again. I have my 360 for that.

MeliMel1506d ago

Come on really..? You still need convincing, same thing could be said about any of the 3 consoles. Cause At the moment theyre all lacking in some way. Be it games or features and in some cases both.

Still dont understand why people buy new consoles then complain there is no games for them. Like give it some time, you know the games are coming.

I own an XB1 and PS4. Ive been playing my PS4 more lately cause I started playing Last of Us. But I still feel like I have more of a game (that I like) selection on XB1. And thats obviously changing because I have changed all my multiplatform game pre orders to PS4 versions. Im just gonna use my XB1 as my media center and for MS exclusives. Trust when I say that when MCC releases my PS4 wont get that much play and any other games I have will have to wait a bit. Not cause I dont want to but because Halo 2 remaster will probably take up alot of my time. So dont say there is nothing for it. I mean if you dont want to wait sell it and get a PS4. But you'll be having the same problem you do now. Not much for it aswell. So save your money cause come holidays you wont have enough for all the great games coming for next gen....yeah baby........

SideNote1506d ago

Ok, i will try. I love the xbox one, it does a ton of stuff far better than ps4, but I'm worried it may do a Dreamcast. Another console i loved and shot down. Now if Banjo three is announced this week then ill become an xbox (not).

i3eyond the Circle1506d ago

N4G is full of salt lately. You can always measure a fanboys aggression when there's been to much Xbox One news in a beneficial matter and not enough backwater news to get speedily approved containing asinine logic.

I think MS are bringing the pain at Gamescom and are covering more ground by showcasing actual triple A games that release in a 2014 windows whilst still having a nice stacked 2015 catalog we haven't seen much of yet


truegamerkt1506d ago

MS brought pain with there initial reveal, but not in a good way.

MorePowerOfGreen1506d ago

No. MSFT brought unexplained plans and fanboys and some media trying to put Sony back on top took advantage.

Example: What MSFT shows will be downplayed then attacked after gamescon by fanboys and media.

sinspirit1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Like what? They had little focus on gaming with their first reveal. They had tons of 180's and PR nonsense and anti-consumer features. If anything, fanboys like you tried to take advantage and try to say things like the DRM was going to make it like Steam, which was not at all how it was going to be.

Example: When Sony showed twenty minutes of non-gaming related news at e3 2014 when they showed more games, in game(non-CGI) trailers, and have longer shows to afford the time for non-gaming topics.

Boo hoo. Both sides get attacked, and people like you tried to take advantage of Sony showing anything non-gaming related to try and pull the "If Sony does it it's okay but if MS does it everyone hates them!" crap.

Sony has a longer show, showed more games, showed more in game footage, showed bigger titles, showed more variety, showed more popular games, etcetera. Somehow 20 minutes of non-gaming stuff is bad all of a sudden, when they still showed more gaming content overall and spend that much time on non-gaming related topics EVERY year and have longer shows because of it. It was never a big deal until Microsoft's XBox One reveal where it was almost entirely about Kinect and TV and biased ignorants like you tried to find any way to get back at Sony for Microsoft's mistakes.

ziggurcat1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


"Example: What MSFT shows will be downplayed then attacked after gamescon by fanboys and media."

1. you can't criticize anyone for the exact same thing you're going to be doing after sony's presentation.

2. you *really* have to get over that sony media conspiracy garbage. it doesn't exist.

edit: that being said, like E3, i'm looking forward to what *everyone* has to show at gamescom.

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