Dragon Age Inquisition: Weapon And Armor Customization Detailed

"Inquisition has crafting for weapons and armor which we've never done before."

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ATi_Elite1502d ago

looking forward to putting obscene logos on my shield only to have them removed by Admins.

XtraTrstrL1502d ago

If only the combat system was full action-based, instead of the strategy, pausing the screen stuff. The game looks so good, but I know I won't enjoy the type of combat.

TRD4L1fe1502d ago

you dont have to pause the game, you can do combat and have it all action without any breaks

XtraTrstrL1502d ago

Oh, ok. Kinda like Secret of Mana, how could just fight head on, or pause to use magic or setup your NPC helpers. Alright then, I'm back to being interested. Nice.

Saints941502d ago

Luckily for you, it isn't like that. Using abilities is simple as pressing a button if you set it up beforehand. There is a OPTIONAL tactical fighting system like Dragon Age: Origins.

anticlimax1502d ago

Oh, you make me dream, if only it was indeed necessary to pause and think. If only the tactical play wasn't optional but thé core mechanic.

I hope pushing up the difficulty will be well balanced, to force though out play (unlike in DA2).