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Hacking stuff with a smartphone, shooting and driving around in an open world: Ubisoft's new action-adventure game makes all of this possible. Check out our review!

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CrashJones1499d ago

6 or 7 seems fair to me at this point with Watch_Dogs. I originally was thinking 8 to 9. Now though...

I bought Watch Dogs. I enjoyed it for a while... but have stopped playing.

I gave in and picked up TLoU Remastered, as I was gonna wait for a price drop seeing as I played it on PS3.

After playing TLoU Remastered for a few hours, I know now why I stopped playing Watch Dogs.

Characters and Story.

Watch_Dogs characters were paper thin when it came to depth, and the story was lackluster at best. Originally I was enjoying WD very much, but the "bad acting" is much more apparent to me now that I am experiencing TLoU again.

While I did enjoy Watch_Dogs in ways, I grew tired of it faster then I would have hoped. I look forward to each session of TLoU. I haven't even gotten into the multi-player yet, which I have heard to be much better with the 60 frames.