This Week's New Releases: August 11th

Here is Middle of Nowhere Gaming's weekly edition of new releases in North America. Which games are you picking up this week?

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spacedelete1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

"Xbox one

Nothing this week"

yet Xbox trolls still claiming PS4 has no games while even the Vita and Wii U have more games releasing this week than the Xbox One.

Sharky2311434d ago

That's what I keep telling people! They don't count the indies, but wait till they get a few good indie titles on xbox one! They'll be screaming indie is where it's at! I'll secretly say " I told you so"!

spacedelete1434d ago

last gen the Xbox trolls they were bragging about indies now its " PS4 only has indies". they contradict themselves saying PS4 doesn't have any games then saying it does have games. i guess when a person buys a massive brick they have to try justifying their purchase. its just buyer's remorse.

i3eyond the Circle1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Lol k guys. You and the other 10000 people have fun with Hohokum and Surgeon Simulator...both sound like cheap porn...congratulations.

This salt has the blood pressure to high ^

Goku7811434d ago Show