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Abash1378d ago

I am really, really looking forward to seeing the new Until Dawn. Finally we'll see it tomorrow

Angels37851377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Playstation has a surprising amount of horror gsmes down the pipeline...

Just seems funny to me considering this is the same brand I spend hours diving into ratchet and clank, crash, jak and daxter, sly cooper etc. xD

equal_youth1377d ago

i really hope it is playable with morpheus :D

ps: does somebody know the timeline for the shows and live streams?

scark921377d ago

It should be,as the name Horror reinvented suggest, Morpheus and Move = Scary
Sounds great :D

equal_youth1377d ago

thank you dark overlord :D

jay21378d ago

IT better be a decent game good to seee Until Dawn is now a PS4 exclusive.

TimeSkipLuffy1377d ago

no mention of it in that clip but would be awesome

PFFT1377d ago

Well whatever it is HOPEFULLY it wont be a game where one needs extra peripherals to play.

XXXL1377d ago

I agree. I don't want to have to buy move or morpheus. No gimmicks just gameplay

SmielmaN1377d ago

Well, I'm actually pumped to see what devs will do with Morpheus. A horror game in VR is prob the coolest use for VR, IMO.

PFFT1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


Its fine if its Morpheus compatible and not a Morpheus only game.

KwietStorm1377d ago

I wouldn't call Morpheus a gimmick for horror games, but if it's required, then that probably wouldn't be a good move.

equal_youth1377d ago

@SmielmaN: and then think about the implementation of ps move. the immersion must be incredible :D

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MegaSceptile1377d ago

Look if you have any problems with ghost,demons,killers..etc
just call me i'll hyperbeam these [email protected]#!

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The story is too old to be commented.