Dead Island 2 - First In-Game Screenshots

Furthermore, the publisher has released the first in-game screenshots from it.

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marioJP871165d ago

I'm liking those graphics.

DarkOcelet1165d ago

Looking good . Very colourful .

sprinterboy1165d ago

Hoping European version still has all the blood though

Eldyraen1165d ago

I have a feeling it will be toned down or banned outright in some regions. The gore factor has been razed considerably.

sprinterboy1165d ago

Hopefully not, no purchase for me if gore is taken out for UK, it looks sick with gore

Meltic1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Is it on pc too ?

Eldyraen1165d ago

I'm looking forward to this and Dying Light to feel my Zombie quota next year.

Dying Light is sort of the more serious survival inspired spiritual successor to Dead Island in many ways but DI2 looks to be taking a more over the top approach which is also great.

DI2 sort of has a vibe similar to a more grounded FPSer Dead Rising--still crazy fun but more realistic in what you might actually do in a zombie apocalypse than say put hats on them all ;) The weedeater was pretty nice and hope there are other nontraditional weapons but ones that make sense (I don't want a full on Saint's Row+Dead Rising in other words).

This could be a lot of fun though as the trailer was pretty cool.

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