What's inside the super expensive Assassin's Creed Unity strategy guide

Find out what is inside in the super expensive Assassin's Creed Unity: Prima Official Initiate Edition strategy guide.

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Lwhit61505d ago

I'm going to get this. What the heck! Life's supposed to be fun and I'd really enjoy the stuff offered in this. I just don't understand why it's so expensive. :(

Big_Game_Hunters1505d ago

If you need a guidebook for Assassin's creed i have some bad news.

RosweeSon1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Youtube is a lot cheaper, I bought a few guides over the last few years but they were £15-20 tops and limited GTA and Bioshock hardbacks at that and the Batman Arkham city ones and red dead with zombies but I must say guides are over priced and with various websites and youtube these days are pretty unnecessary either play the game yourself or if you do get stuck just type into google how do I do this on this game on this level, bet you a few quid there will be someone else out there with the same problem I find most guides tell you the game before you've experienced it yourself so your basically just reading the gameplay in the book and then do it after to make sure it's odd. Get rid of guides and bring back the old days, ringing up 0845 numbers for cheats... Ok maybe not but love the old days when everything including all the cheats and unlockables were revealed day1, took how many years to realise you could just bang the codes in on goldeneye instead of doing certain levels under certain times, around 4 years I believe, it's hard to keep the games secret before they've even released these days, here's the first hour of a certain game, brilliant well that'll be a boring hour of story when I get to play it myself.

Software_Lover1505d ago

I have never bought a strategy guide in all my years of gaming.

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