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TRD4L1fe1438d ago

absolutley not. Look fun but far from GOTY

xHeavYx1438d ago

I'd rather give the GOTY to Superman 64 than this game

Fanci1438d ago

I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic lol

aCasualGamer1438d ago

Never say never.

Even though i doubt it, there doesn't seem to be that many games coming out this fall to compete.

Hopefully i'll eat my words but from what i've seen, not that many next gen titles this fall. Not any big AAA titles anyway.

4Sh0w1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

That looks fun as hell to me. I'm in. Damm, I hate that I liked it so much because I already don't have time to really sink my teeth into Destiny, SSO, and Halo MCC this fall. Decisions, decisions, one of them is going to have to wait until my schedule slows down.

Edit, yeah YouareSalty, I think we are the minority on n4g, but this game looks really cool, I love the super mobility due to the exoskeletons, may not be original but still looks like a ton of fun, imagine the sick kills in multi and those weapons like the shotgun look freakin sweet.

donthate1438d ago

Didn't think I would buy another CoD game after CoD:Ghost, but damn this looks fun. Loved Titanfall, and this CoD looks like a nice twist on it!

Can't wait!

user14394141438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

OMG I just did a breakdown on the trailer I paused it at 37 seconds and scanned the image and I noticed a strange bird flying around in the SKY. Could this be NEXT GENERATION BIRD A.I ? Last year ghosts broke ground with the FISH A.I but it seems that Sledgehammer really are going all out now. :)

Dee_911438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

gun recoil looks like utter crap.other than that it looked pretty decent.That tsunami map looked great

choujij1438d ago

I don't understand people. History just continues to repeat itself.

mikeslemonade1438d ago

Worth playing to get to Prestage level 1 per usual with all COD games and then sell it back.

Just lame how the game is for 360 and PS3. That's gonna hurt the game technically.

UltraNova1437d ago

As much as I hate COD lately this one looks fun as hell!! Yes its very reminiscent of Titanfall with all that vertical movement but from the looks of it (IMO) it surpasses it by a mile both graphically and gameplay wise...

Septic1437d ago

Anyone else concerned that it takes like 2 bullets to kill someone? It seems that AW might suffer from the same problem as recent COD titles of late where victory depends on who spots who first.

RedDevils1437d ago

COD start running out of name lol

garos821437d ago

looks like the first COD game that has me interested since COD4MW

Certainly not GOTY but who am i to say until i play it!

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badboyz091438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Titanfall 2 lol

thegame25311438d ago

Titanfall is crysis 4 sooo.....

re2_apocalypse1438d ago

People like you are stupid fu**s who are not even funny. This COD was being made around the same time as Titanfall.

BX811438d ago

Your comment fails. This is better than Titanfall. Day one..... Oh I mean day zero for me! The amount you can customize is fantastic.

3-4-51438d ago

That trailer was pretty sweet. Looks much better than the old stuff.

Spenok1438d ago

It's crazy, but I agree with you. Sledgehammer seems to be doing a pretty good job. It still looks like it's similar to the old ones, however it looks like a lot more fun. Lol though as badboyz09 above says it does look similar to Titanfall in some ways.

Volkama1438d ago

Honestly looks like it would be a fun game, if not for the fact that everything dies the second you look at it.

NarooN1438d ago


LOLOLOL. So true. It's like those old NES/SNES/Genesis games where everyone and everything dies/gets destroyed in one hit. This game takes insta-gib to an extreme.

specialguest1438d ago

I stopped playing COD after MW1, and I never planned on returning until they changed it up. This new COD is that exact changed I was looking for. I will definitely give this new COD a chance.

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-Superman-1438d ago

So... DLC game... new skins, new maps, new weapon skins. Why noobs buy this game?

Lwhit61438d ago

Oh sorry, am I not allowed to have fun playing this because it's a Call of Duty?

ritsuka6661438d ago

Brilliant, even when cod is trying to reinvent itself, it's still shamelessly copying ideas from rivals ( AKA Crysis gameplay)

RedDevils1437d ago

to me All FPS games look the same, it barely anything news compare to the other genre

IamHaru1437d ago

the implementation and fluidity of control looks so much better than in Crysis

geddesmond1438d ago

Lol this game was looking great until I seen this trailer. It still looks great but it's a game I won't be buying anymore. Simple reason. Theres a whole lot of one hit killing going on. I mean sniper shot while using the jump boost. Feck that. Next.

Volkama1438d ago

To be fair, sniper rifles do a fair amount of damage, and using it on the fly like that should yield some pretty good results. Flying sniper kill is OK by me.

The problem imo is all the other stuff that is just as effective. It seems if the crosshairs meet a target then the target instantly collapses, so it's still very much a game of "who sees who first".

Hopefully the new Unreal, Blue Streak's game, Toxikk and maybe even Halo will help correct the course for multiplayer FPSs.

Kevlar0091437d ago

I don't like all of the boosting. It would be one thing if you had limited uses in a duration, but I can see boost spam becoming the norm. I can see quickscoping boost snipers in every game now

Quofo1438d ago

Game of the year for Call of Duty: High Jump? Don't think so. I'm the biggest CoD fan in the world and this looks like dog s***! Nothing but a bunch of idiots jumping around like rabbits. CoD is officially dead.

showtimefolks1438d ago

this actually looks like a lot of fun(not much of a COD/BF fan) 3 years of development is gonna help keep COD brand fresh IMO.

bigc0720041438d ago

@YouAreSalty you actually liked titanfall? LMAO! Listen...developers are known for getting you hype, and then letting you freefall as fast as possible. From MW3-AW they slowly built up the hype, and let us down each and every time. I think it's time to stop the let downs and release the remastered editions of CoD4-BO1 already. Cuz NOT cod.

OwnageDC6501438d ago

This looks like a way cooler version of Crysis multiplayer.

inf3cted11438d ago


They be like, fans are tired of us copy pasting our own games.

Lets copy paste every aspect of popular games we all know and we will still get moneyz!

BoriboyShoGUN1438d ago

I see the same old trash! And that early 24HR double XP early access is some BS.

newflesh1438d ago

Looks exactly like Titanfall without Titans, and that game got boring within several hours.

LackTrue4K1438d ago

look @ the bite side, it took like 6 games to change (didn't play any since MW4) but mabe i will pick this up....

AceBlazer131438d ago

Titanfall looked like cod and some are saying this looks like titanfall. So does that mean cod looks like cod?

FlameBaitGod1438d ago

You can tell they are making it more competitive, now it takes 3 bullets to kill instead of 2. Don't know if people will adapt to these changes, now its a hardcore game.

HumanatPlay1437d ago

LMAO! Preorders are gonna go through the roof now. I dare say its justified this looks like mayhem and I like me some mayhem. Can't say if it won't make GOTY, really depends on how the SP and MP mesh well enough to deliver a complete package for fans. Battlefield is in trouble if you ask me.

TAURUS-5551437d ago


im a COD fan but this is absolutely mind blowing even for me.

cant wait ¡¡¡¡¡ ¡

that jet pack sht is gonna rock ¡¡¡

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WorldGamer1438d ago

I'm a BF guy, but very interested in seeing what this is working out to be. Hope they really revamp things and bring some new concepts.

georgenancy1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

looks good,this seems like the one that will save the franchise
edit:seems like it plays like titanfall

PR_FROM_OHIO1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Is this COD or Titanfall??

GiggMan1438d ago

I noticed Battlefield 4 tsunami and Killzone's OWL.

Still looks good though.

sourav931438d ago

Let's not forget the battlepacks feature...I mean "supply drops"

Palitera1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

A little poll:

Do you think this can achieve the CoD4 (or CoD6, some would say) level of masterpieceness?

Obviously nobody KNOWS the answer and there is no objective "right" or "wrong", but I'm interested to see how people are seeing this first entry a little more impacted by the new gen.

Salooh1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

More like black ops level to me which is awful compared to MW1 and 2 but normal game if you forget how awesome these two games are. I have to play it to notice the difference. After the bad history i'm expecting worst then Ghost no matter how good it looks. This may looks good but unbalanced which = bad call of duty game. So i can't judge it until i play it.