Most Played PC Games, July 2014 – Watch Dogs Plummets by 67.72% Gameplay Time

GamersNexus: "Still somewhat young in their releases, WildStar and Watch Dogs dropped several spots. WildStar (released June 3) fell seven spots and dropped 45.63 percent in gameplay, while Watch Dogs (released May 27) plummeted 25 spots to #33 with a 67.72 gameplay drop."

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ATi_Elite1468d ago

Payday 2 is LEGIT

Guild Wars 2 is so sweet!

Skyrim will be around for a long time due to tremendous mod support.

BF4 full of bugs but it is still a PC game at heart.

Wildstar is like the sleeper hit of MMO's.

Daniel_Potter1468d ago

BF4 is on the top simply because EA is hosting Battlefield 4 on "Game Time". It's kind of like Steam's Free Weekend. They let you try out Battlefield 4 for the 168 hours.