5 Lessons Other Games Can Learn from The Last of Us

The Last of Us is quite the game in case you haven’t heard. Ever since it came out, it has left the gaming community in awe of its remarkably strong story and gameplay, but The Last of Us is so much more than just a game that’s fun to play with a well-told story. There are several aspects of the game that other developers and publishers should notice. The Last of Us is arguably in a league of its own, and studios would be foolish not to learn from its success.

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PaleMoonDeath1438d ago

1# Be gud game
2# Be many wow
3# Be much great
4# be many cry
5# be many gold medal

Couldn't help myself gentlemen, the games an experience.

incendy351438d ago

The main thing other games can learn for TLOU is character development is king. The story is ok but it is the characters that make it great. Bioshock also nailed this aspect.

caseh1438d ago

The story itself isn't actually that great, like incendy35 pointed out it's the characters, their development and interaction that make it a great experience.

I don't want to put any spoilers but honestly, you could have put any story behind the journey the characters take and it would still be a great game.

HanzoHattori1438d ago

An engaging story is a foundation for an epic game.