Hey DICE, This is Why Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Was So Special

Recently it was reported DICE can’t quite figure out what people loved about Bad Company 2. The studio apparently wants to figure this out before even attempting to create a third BC game. Lucas is here to tell DICE exactly why he thinks BC2 is so special.

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Muigi1378d ago

Without a doubt my favorite multiplayer on the console battlefields.

Vegamyster1378d ago

I enjoyed the PC version quite a bit, the role destruction played is unmatched in the newer games.

solar1378d ago

BC:2 is my fav BF and I played them all. It ran great and actually worked as advertised. I've played it more then BF 3 & 4 combined.

TotalHitman1378d ago

Battlefield 1943 was also a decent game. It came out a year before Bad Company 2 and it's quite similar.

3-4-51378d ago

I downloaded it and played it for the first time like a month ago, and it was terrible.

I'm sure for the time it was awesome, but it was extremely outdated.

Battlefield does need some kind of fix though, as BF3 on xbox 360 played better and was more fun than Bf4.

bosoxs5051378d ago

It still plays and looks amazing to me.

MysticStrummer1378d ago

I bought it last week, and it's amazing. I wish I'd bought it sooner. I don't know about BF4, but BF3 pales in comparison to BC2 imo.

InTheZoneAC1378d ago

BC2 definitely had a lot more teamwork going on. And the Vietnam expansion was fun. After BC2 I quit playing rush, but that's all I played on BC/BC2...

ATi_Elite1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

BC2 gave gamers a bit of everything.

it gave hardcore BF fans Tanks, helis, and jets
it gave COD fans CQC, glitches, killsteaks, and Cheasy Drone gameplay
it gave fans of neither some good ole high quality online FPS action

BC2 was just the BEST of Both Worlds imho.

Panama Canal is my favorite map that I would just tear down into little itty bitty pieces PLUS it looks outstanding even still today

C-H-E-F1378d ago

Agreed, I played bf3 plat it and went back to bc2 just because it was the best fps... Bc2 became my Socom Crack aka SoCrack

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xYLeinen1378d ago

The simplicity of BC2 and the genuine "laidback" design was brilliant. BC2 didn't take itself serious, and multiplayer matches was a blessing..

Aggesan1378d ago

Nailed it! Also, humor in the campain.

Drithe1378d ago

I have hated every BF after BF BC 2.

bosoxs5051378d ago

BC2 was the best. BF3 was mediocre. BF4 was just plain bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.