Lionheart: Tactics Review | Hardcore Games

Hardcore Games: A big reason I play mobile games is because they’re, well…mobile. I can play them on my daily subway commute. I can play them while I wait in line for the bus. I can even sneak in a few moments while I wait for my computer to start at my desk, before I finally commit to beginning my workday. Lionheart: Tactics, developed by Kongregate, did not let me do so. In fact, it let me do very little for more than a few minutes before I found myself having to either wait half an hour in order to proceed, or pay extra. I do not like having to pay for games marketed, in strident all-caps, as “FREE” when I know they are in fact freemium. I do not like having to pay to take actions within a game. I do not like “pay-to-win”. For this reason, despite its many positive qualities, I do not like Lionheart: Tactics.

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