Destiny's multiplayer could have been sold on it's own

Impressions on Destiny's multiplayer The Crucible

"In a world where multiplayer only first-person-shooters exist, there’s no reason to doubt that Destiny’s multiplayer mode The Crucible could have stood on it’s own.

Titanfall launched without any single player or traditional campaign mode. It was a decision that was seen at the time to be a controversial one, but it hasn’t affected sales which we can estimate are now into the millions."

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towelie12881442d ago

would def not be as interested as i am in the game if it was just competitive multiplayer
would probably not buy it.

spacedelete1442d ago

i really don't see whats so special about this game. story was average in beta with no explanation for doing what your doing and multiplayer was boring.

JeffGUNZ1442d ago

Brother, it was a beta. It wasn't about the story, it was about making sure when we got this game day 1, it wouldn't be a mess. We would be able to connect and play, no launch day mega bugs. The fact that people have these thoughts about story and elements like that, show how polished this game is even at the beta stage.