The best Rail Shooters ever made

Rice Digital takes a look at the best in a genre that doesn't get much in the way of interest these days - the humble Rail Shooter.

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Godmars290896d ago

PD Saga deserved a mention. Is a better game than Orta, which itself boils down to being a re-boot of the first game in the series.

darthv72895d ago

Saga isnt a rail shooter like the original PD, Zwei and Orta. Its an RPG set in the PD universe.

Some honorable mentions would have to go to after burner, galaxy force, space harrier. Sega knew how to make fun rail shooters.

ATi_Elite895d ago

I was so turned-off at the word RAIL and all I could think of was Panzer Dragoon!

Rail shooter is about as sexy as Twitch FPS on dial-up.


DaveyB896d ago

To be fair, PD Saga isn't a rail shooter - which is what this article is about.

Patashnik896d ago

Nice list. I do love PD Orta - but I think both Sin and Punishment games are my favourite rail shooters of all time. Nice to see Killer 7 and TxK on that list too, also Panorama Cotton! Awesome!

DaveyB896d ago

Panorama Cotton does look amazing for a Mega Drive game. Also, yeah, Sin and Punishment (N64) would be my favourite too.

Also Pokemon Snap. We NEED a new Pokemon Snap for Wii U. It's the perfect console for it.

Software_Lover895d ago

PD Orta all the way. Loved that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.