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equal_youth1294d ago

hm.. sounds interesting but i think we all need to see more.

HacSawJimThugin1294d ago

Never got a chance to play Remember is it? I saw it on the XBL marketplace for $9.99, thinking about picking it up.

WeAreLegion1294d ago

It's a decent game. Memorable story. Solid game play. I recommend the purchase. It was free on Plus for awhile and I picked it up. I would pay $10 for it though.

danowat1294d ago

Seriously underrated IMO, thought it was a great game.

Sevir1294d ago

Great game, dialogue could be better, but the overall narrative was great, and the gameplay was solid.

gaffyh1294d ago

Got it free via PS+, and deleted it after a couple of hours. I honestly thought it was complete and utter shite. The combat is copied from Batman, but is a lot worse, and the enemy design is just bad.

Monkeycan81294d ago

Get it man sooooo underrated!

DevilOgreFish1294d ago

I must have replayed remember me at least 5 times. It's combat is a little flawed but still enjoyable, story is very good i'd say. the soundtrack is also great. this would be a game that i would like to see a sequel from honestly. It's not your typical game.

I'd say if you got cash, points or steam credits to spare; pick this game up.

rainslacker1293d ago

I actually liked it. Got repetitive at times, but the story was quite good, and it had a few intriguing game play mechanics, which unfortunately went underused. It had it's flaws, but it did a lot of things right as well, so certainly worth a $10 purchase, particularly if you're into sci-fi psychological thrillers.

It's one of those hidden gem games. Was surprised it didn't do better given how well received it was before it's release.

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spartanlemur1294d ago

This is nothing new. People have known that life is strange for thousands of years.

scark921294d ago

A never ending story..

fluxmulder1294d ago

I was hoping for a Remember Me sequel, but this will do.

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The story is too old to be commented.