OpenGL 4.5 Specifications Released, Next Generation OpenGL Plans Announced

Khronos, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies, publicly released the OpenGL 4.5 specification today, bringing the very latest functionality to the industry’s most advanced 3D graphics API while maintaining full backwards compatibility.

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ATi_Elite1260d ago

Mmmmm Multi-Threading!!!

Wait why is AMD talking multithreading when Intel is the only one really doing it properly.

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edqe1260d ago

Great news.

Gabe Newell. "We are committed to the Next Generation OpenGL initiative and are closely collaborating with Khronos members to create a high-performance rendering interface for SteamOS and future Valve games."

Khronos Group Announces Key Advances in OpenGL Ecosystem:

Lucreto1260d ago

Great News



I have no idea what they are talking about.

lfc_4eva1260d ago


Same here. Sounds cool, but wtf?

Dante811260d ago

John Carmack must be very happy right now.

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