Here are the start times for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer reveal

GameZone: "The grand unveiling for the popular mode -- pretty much the only reason to play a CoD game -- is to be streamed lived from Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany. It'll be our first opportunity to watch multiplayer gameplay, learn about new gameplay features, and hear from the developers at Sledgehammer Games. So what times does it all begin?"

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Palitera1438d ago

And it shall appear groundbreaking and perfectly designed, which it probably won't be.

Source: The last five years.

Heisenburger1438d ago

Okay buddy. You don't know me, or what I like. Blops 2 looked good to me, and I liked it. Ghosts looked like hot garbage to me, so I skipped it.

So we shall see.

I don't need your kind of help.

FullmetalRoyale1438d ago

Problem? Why don't you spend your time on threads that concern games you are interested in. I really cannot comprehend why so many people feel the need to tell others why something they like, or in this case HOPE to like, is bad, or a waste of time. I get that it's cool to hate on CoD. But the kind of people that do that are the types that jump on every bandwagon. Just like the kids with that Twilight series. You love it, because everyone told you to. Then, you promptly started hating
it, when everyone told you to. That about right?

I hate it when people rag on others for what they like. It makes you look weak, petty, and miserable. That's a terrible way to live your life. If you can't relax and be a pleasant person on the internet, you definitely cannot function in the real world. You definitely have some issues you cannot face, nor work through.

OT: I too will be watching the stream, today. I like the original Dead Space quite a bit. The only real flaws in that game were some technical issues, which could have been ironed out, given proper time and budget. That's a big part of why I'm excited to see them do a CoD. It's an established series with a huge budget and they are the first developers given a three year cycle. I love shooters, I should say the shooter genre. Games such as Bioshock, Wolfenstein, Doom. The creative minds behind Dead Space making the newest, longest in development, first true current gen, narrative focused(if you believe them) entry into one of the most established video game series?

*rubs hands together*

I'm eager to see it.

ScottyHoss1438d ago

@Fullmetalroyale I'm interested to see how they make it theirs, especially the SP.

OTish: funny how the creators of dead space and those who worked on it are making the next CoD and BF, very different games. I'm excited for both, albeit skeptical.

Palitera1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Hm, touchy people here. And I'm the "issued" one. If you think I'm the kind of people that jump bandwagons, you should really think about this "inability to work socially" you are crying about. Nor am I criticizing people that like or love Call of Duty. It is a best seller for a reason.

The thing is, and that's the only question here, that this CoD started exactly like any other CoD started in the last years, with the same marketing archetype, the same adjectives, the same exact promises. You change "destructability" for "exoesk" and Ghosts' marketing turned into AW's marketing.

That's the only point brought.

Did I say that the game is bad for everyone? Or that none should like it? Or that it is awful? That would be imbecile, and the only imbecility here is in your head, not in the post.

You have problems. Serious problems. And I'm not even talk about comprehension skills or the inability of accepting different opinions. But I'm not in the mood for interwebz bragging, specially CoD-about, so good luck and I hope you get healthy soon enough.

PS: in case you need to hear it in your language...
"If you can't relax and be a pleasant person on the internet, you definitely cannot function in the real world. You definitely have some issues you cannot face, nor work through."
"It makes you look weak, petty, and miserable. That's a terrible way to live your life."

badboyz091438d ago

Xbox One promotion will Hurt the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales. With all the Success the PS4 is having.

Heisenburger1438d ago

The old "I'm rubber, you're glue" defense huh?

Wow. I'm impressed.

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venom061438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

as so it begins yet again... the June and August hype towards November, only to lead to the Feb and March dissapointment in the following year... we're SO stupid to fall for this every damn year. CoD better be glad that have IGN and their CoD fanboy editors in the back pockets to get that hype train going for them... For those that dont know, look up, "Actvision purchases IGN Pro-League" and tell me that isn't a conflict of interest.

3-4-51438d ago

Ghosts was the only COD I haven't played. Had no interest in it.

This game looks solid though, or I guess we shall see how solid it really looks in a bit.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Actually curious to see this games multiplayer in action. It's the only real competitive fps coming out pretty much this year on "current gen" Not given many options besides bf4 and ghosts (titanfall xbone)which was released on launch on the consoles.

mhunterjr1438d ago

halo master chief collection comes with 3 'real competitive' fps and a COD clone.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I forgot about that, but yes though they are games that were already released prior just redone and rescaled. I'm more focused on "new" titles

objdadon1438d ago

Destiny crucible will kick your a$$ if you don't have skill!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1438d ago

I actually like the crucible, and even though you're right Destiny is still not built around the premise of competitive gameplay and more cooperative. That's why I said real competitive.

wonderfulmonkeyman1438d ago

Why is this in the wii u section when it hasn't been confirmed or denied to be coming yet?

XtraTrstrL1438d ago

For some reason, I thought I recalled this game being originally announced as a next-gen only title.

the_hitman30001438d ago

That's probably because sledgehammer are only developing the current gen versions. High moon studios is the one porting it for 360/ps3

XtraTrstrL1438d ago

Ok, so there was some truth to it, I knew the engine for it was suppose to be next-gen based. That makes sense then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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