Project CARS Limited Edition Announced

VRFocus - With Slighty Mad Studios currently preparing to release the virtual reality (VR) compatible Project CARS in just a few months time, the developer has today revealed a limited edition of the racing title. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, later down the line, Wii U, the Project CARS Limited Edition comes with a host of extras including both exclusive in-game and a number of other bonuses.

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ps4fanboy1440d ago

Shame this game doesn't live up to the screenshots whilst running , not that it looks bad , just not mind blowing.
Still , would love to try it in vr.

ATi_Elite1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I dont know what you are playing it on but on Ultra at 1600p PCars is very very impressive.

to me the screenshots do NOT do the actual video motion justice.

Dee_911440d ago

... does it look good at any reasonable resolution?

ps4fanboy1440d ago

That's good to hear , alas I haven't played it but watched videos of builds on youtube and they didn't seem to be near screenshot value, the a.I controlled cars needed lotssss of work also , I'll be playing on ps4 , I hope it brings a smile , I'm sure it will.
They have fitted loads into this , a lot of heart and soul , I love racers , but I stand by what I say until I see a video(on a top PC) of it looking like some of the pictures I've seen.

MajorLazer1440d ago

I'd just be happy with a standard edition released on time soon

plut0nash1440d ago

Sim physics are more important imo. Graphics are not everything.

Dutchpinoy1439d ago

Slightly mad should die and burn. Scamming shits.