Maxwell Geforce GTX 870 Specifications and Benchmarks Leak Out – 1664 CUDA Cores and 4GB GDDR5 RAM

The specifications and the performance numbers of the GTX 870 Maxwell GPU have finally leaked out.

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TheBoy1503d ago

It's sad enough that the GTX 750ti is more powerful than next-gen consoles, the 800 series is going to put next-gen consoles, well I should say last-gen hardware consoles to dust.

traumadisaster1503d ago

That state has been since at least 2010 when my PC started playing all multiplats at 1080p instead of the 700x400, screen tearing, low fps affair that consoles offer. I've been at 4k for over a year so yes next gen was beat prior to release. Of course I still need consoles for exclusives.

Mikeyy1503d ago

The video card is worth more then the entire console. What did you expect?

Is this a shocking development to you or something?

Today in news, $1500 PC outperforms $400 console, more at 11.

UltraNova1503d ago

Did you just put consoles against high end $500 + PC GPUs?

Seriously dude?

asmith23061503d ago

"well I should say last-gen hardware consoles to dust. " - the other end of the stick is that console games generally put PC games to dust. Not all about graphics dude. I'm ordering parts for a new PC next week with a GeForce GTX 780 and I won't be using it for gaming. I prefer the console experience and the vast majority of console games over PC games.

shawnmelo1503d ago

if you arent using it for gaming as you say then why would you be getting a 780.

asmith23061503d ago

@Shawn, gaming isn't the only thing that requires high end video cards. I'm using it to edit and render 4K video footage.

NovusTerminus1503d ago

Yeah, my PC is much stronger then my PS4, but what can I expect? I got the PS4 for $399.

My PC runs a $530 HU (GTX 780) and a $330 CPU (i7 4790k)

Still, for the price of the PS4, you can't build a PC to match it.

Magicite1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

750ti is on par with 7850 and so is on par with ps4 or approximately so.
But then again you cant buy decent PC for a price of a console and you cannot play console games on PC(not past 6th gen).

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Qrphe1503d ago

Maybe the day we actually go to 22nm processes we'll see an actual jump in power like we used to.

Letros1503d ago

They will release a 250 watt Maxwell card after AMD shows their guns, expect a big jump in performance then. But yea, 22nm will bring much bigger gains.

NiteX1503d ago

I've been waiting for these 800s for a while now. Time to upgrade my 560 Ti, it's so old now!

Nerdmaster1503d ago

I've been waiting for the GTX 880 for a long time, too. But I've read that this GTX 880 isn't the "real" 880, so I'll wait until next year to upgrade from my very old GTX 285.