The Last of Us writer on Ellie’s story: There’s more to tell

Writer Neil Druckman says he’d happily work with his American Dreams co-author Faith Erin Hicks again to flesh out missing parts of The Last of Us story.

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deantak1108d ago

ellie has already lived a few lifetimes in her short life

equal_youth1108d ago

of course there is. i want elli as the main character in the last of us 2 :D

lonelyplayer1108d ago

Playing as Ellie is amazing

equal_youth1108d ago

it could be even more amazing when she is grown up to be an adult and has to face her first love and some other things you rarely find in this kind of world :D

linkenski1108d ago

Yes, we want Eli as the main character in TLoU 2, HEEEEERP

skulz71108d ago

Does this mean we will see more future single player DLC? :)

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