Gamers Embrace Microtransactions Through Mobile Carrier Billing

· UK gamers spend an average of €8.94 per microtransaction – twice the global average of €4.73 according to data from Onebip’s mobile payment platform.

· Global gamers spend the most on microtransactions during the summer period.

· Gamers see value in higher priced in-game transactions with mobile carrier billing: When multiple price points are offered (i.e. for bundles of virtual currency), an increase in the value of the highest price point available leads to an increase in the average transaction value.

· Mobile carrier billing increasingly seen as a legitimate alternative to credit card and PayPal.

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Ashlen1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

aka: It's easier for kids to make charges to there parents cell-phone bill than it is to use there parents credit card...

Volkama1441d ago

Supported by the trend of increased activity over the summer holidays.

For shame, that industry. For shame.

1nsaint1441d ago

i wouldn't exactly call them gamers, more like casual players

Ocsta1441d ago

People who spend money on mobile games aren't gamers. They're idiots. And they're going to kill this industry.