Here’s what Famitsu thought of Hyrule Warriors

"Famitsu is the first publication with a review of Hyrule Warriors. In the magazine’s most recent issue, four editors handed out 9/10 scores for a total of 36/40. But what was actually said by the different reviewers? For those who are curious, you can head past the break for translations of all four verdicts."

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MSBAUSTX1441d ago

Everybody should buy one my friend. It truly is a fun console. I have all the next gen consoles and the Wii U gets played daily. I hardly turn on the others right now. More games will come to them i know but Wii u has a huge back log too. It has enough good games to keep you busy until the next Zelda comes out. I guarantee it.

Wni01441d ago

They worded those reviews almost exactly the same. 9/10s for dyanasty warriors...

schnodder1441d ago

i will buy one for sure