Sony Discusing 'Getting the Best' from Next-Gen Engines and VR Today

VRFocus - Last month VRFocus reported on two virtual reality (VR) talks that were scheduled to take place at this week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe, taking place this week. One was from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), talking about developing VR videogames. Now the company has scheduled another VR-based session for today, talking about next-generation videogame engines and more.

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NatureOfLogic_1442d ago

I want to be sold on morpheus because I'm extremely interested in most of the games announced for it so far.

THC CELL1442d ago

It's sony, they own this hardware like tmz so they are more experienced

Insomnia_841442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I'm already sold! Everyone that's put their hands on it say it's very impressive! What I want to see is some good games for it. I'm ready to sht my pants with some scary VR games. Ready to explore some beautiful worlds. Ready to explore space. Ready to throw up while playing Mirrors Edge 2. Ready to go deep into the ocean.

VR is a game changer!

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ps4fanboy1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Vr First day for me, so long as they have cracked the movement around , I'm thinking additional clip on move lights on shoes for walking around In game environment.

lfc_4eva1442d ago

I really like the idea of VR, however I just feel the longer this gets drawn out, the more irrelevant it will become for the current generation of consoles. If it does release in the next year or two who is actually going to buy it?
Early buyers are made up of hardcore gamers who scoffed at buying the addon kinect. Will VR receive the same attitude?
Sony cannot really make it a mandatory inclusion in PS4 sales because they will get blasted by the very same crowd that scream of choice. Which then leads to VR on PS4 being a totally niche market with very few developers committing to big budget releases.

Maybe if it proves workable then it may become successful for PS5, just not PS4 I fear.

WeAreLegion1442d ago

I don't think VR will receive the same response.

Compared to both Kinect and Move, Morpheus has a much larger lineup of games being developed for it.

Oculus continues to sell the pre-release DK2 units, despite the Facebook takeover.

I think VR will be huge, if they can market it correctly. It's not just a new add-on. It's a completely new experience. Hundreds or thousands of new mechanics can be added to games through this new technology. USEFUL mechanics.

lfc_4eva1441d ago

I truly hope you're right and VR finally takes off. I'd love to experience an open world, rpg style game with one of these headsets.