Xbox One vs. PS4 Is the resolution war nearing an end yet?

Since the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the gaming media has been perpetual in comparing resolutions and frame rates for games between the two consoles. There is no denying that the PS4 got it right from the beginning and that Xbox One’s launch titles and multi-platform games have disappointed fans that some don’t match the PS4 versions for graphics, even worse still a few lag behind substantially.

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mrpsychoticstalker1351d ago ShowReplies(9)
Insomnia_841351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

It will never end. It will be just like last gen. PlayStation exclusives will show what the system can do and make everyone's chin drop to the floor while we get parity on multiplatform thanks to that other weaker console. Once again, Microsoft console holding games back. Good thing we have Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Polyphony Digital, Quantic Dreams, etc on this side to give us some greater experiences.

Is there a Common Sense & Logic Learning Center somewhere? If anyone knows, send the adress to this dude mrpsychoticstalker up there please!

Btw, Yosp just retwitted some awesome teaser vid by Housemarque from Finland!!!

HMQ News - GamesCom Teaser 2014:

mcstorm1351d ago

Ok so going on what you are say by "Once again, Microsoft console holding games back" Did Sony hold every one back with the PSX and PS2 as they were the weaker consoles of the gen?

This one console has more power than another is old now. All 3 new gen consoles have amazing looking games like Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D world, WindWaker HD, Ryse, BF4, KZ, LOU and more. Looks don't make a game good its how it makes the player feel. Look at COD for example.

People need to get over the power and go back to enjoying games again.

NatureOfLogic_1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Yes, both PSX and PS2 held back graphics in some ways, but they both made up for it with their unmatched diverse library of games compared to the competition. Can you say the same about Xbox One? So far I would say no.

MysticStrummer1351d ago

Multi plat devs who go for parity don't use the more powerful hardware like they could, no matter what generation you're talking about.

Septic1351d ago

As the gap in resolution disparity widens between the PS4 and Xbox One (I expect the X1 to get left behind more and more as time goes on), you will have more and more fuel to added to the flames.

Expect resolution to be one of the big recurring themes in a lot of debates and online spats this generation.

This 'resolution war' has only just begun; its just a question of how badly Microsoft will lose in end, imo of course.

mcstorm1351d ago

@ArgumentumAdPopulum im not saying one console is better than another but all this the xbox one is holding the PS4 back is just crap. People just need to see the fact is every gen a console has bee more powerful than another that's how it will always be.

If you want the most powerful console the buy a PS4 but stop with this game looks 3000000000 times better than the version on x console. The fact is yes most 3rd party games look better on the PS4 but unless you play them side by side you will never notice it just like if you play the same game on a PS4 and high end PC as the pc version will look better but unless you manage to play them side by side you wont notice.

CertifiedGamer1351d ago

I don't know what you were smoking during the PSX gen never held games back as a matter of fact squaresoft which is now known as square-enix left Nintendo to develop on PSX because they couldn't develop Final Fantasy 7 the way they wanted it on N64.

mixolydian_id1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Contrary to popular belief the whole gaming community doesn't live on N4g... most people are out there playing games and actually don't give a toss.

Sorry to generalize.

N4g dissected:

30% Trolls
60% Fanboys
10% Gaming elite

of which...

75% are likely between 14 and 21
25% are likely 22+

I wonder how many people actually use this website?
5 thousand tops?

UltraNova1350d ago


I guess you rounded up that number (5000) by including yourself right?


This Gen will be all about the rez gate whether we like it or if all these games coming out dont even exist...

mcstorm1350d ago

@CertifiedGamer that is what I was going on about. I never said the PSX held anything back I was making a point to what Insomnia_84 said which was "Once again, Microsoft console holding games back"

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IcicleTrepan1351d ago

nobody's chin is dropping to any floor. I have both consoles but let's be honest, PC is where you go to see 'jaw dropping' graphics since the consoles can't even crank out anything higher than 1080p.

vishmarx1351d ago

it would need actual jaw dropping games for that you know.
crysis isnt a game and witcher 2 never looked phenomenal,it only had expensive effects.

witcher 3 pc will probably take the cake though.
funny you mention 1080p+though.
how many people in the world even own displays capable of 1080p+? ,did you read the percentage of steam gamers that actually play at 1080p on pc?a many go beyond that? well you can imagine
also i thought 1080p was still jaw dropping as long as only pc was able to do it.?now that ps4 does it,it needs to go beyond that to look good?

honestly tlou re and mgs gz are the best looking games i can play rnw and i dont see anything on the pc that looks better without mods.sure some games may have better AA or resolution but none look better as a whole

3-4-51351d ago

I spent 2007-2013 playing xbox 360 WITHOUT HDMI.

That is right...I gamed WITH JAGGIES for 6 years, and loved every minute of it.

About to get an XB1 I think, and the minor difference in graphics just doesn't do it for me.

YES PS4 is more powerful and looks a bit better in some games. I'm cool with that. I'm ok with that.

* I love the 360 controller and can't stand the DS3 controller. The XB1 is closest to that, so that is another reason.

I still play DS/PSP games and don't mind the graphics at all, so yea the " Graphics War", is a bit of a joke to anybody who really understands how minor the difference is.

4-5 years from now, late in the cycle, YES PS4 will have games that noticeably look a bit sharper and better. That is just fact.

I play games for fun though, and I happen to like a few more games for XB1, than PS4 as of right now so it's probably the direction I'm heading.

mcstorm1350d ago

That was well put. People will disagree on this site because people are all about looks at the moment.

I still have an Amaiga 32 which to this day still has some of the most fun games on it. Speedball 2, Super Skid marks 2, SWOS, Worms just to name a few.

Yes they don't look the best on my 47" HD TV but they are still as fun today to play as they were when I got the console 93.

I don't get all this res and console war crap on this site. I always get a console because of what games I want not because of power or who is selling the most.

Last gen I got a 360 for PGR3 as I really liked the 1st 2. I got the WiiU for Zelda and got a PS3 when GT5 came out.

At the moment for me the PS4 has no games im interested in but I am going to look to pick on up when DriverClub is out and I got a WiiU because I wanted Pikmin 3 and a Xbox one for KI, Forza 5 and Titanfall.

People on this site need to stop spending time going on and on about what they don't like and spend time talking about what they do like.

Lennoxb631350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Resolution only matters to a certain extent. If a game game hit 1080p without sacrificing graphical fidelity then great. But if it can't hit 1080p without sacrificing something, then I don't mind devs taking it down to 900p. As long as it still looks good. I don't recommend 720p ever though. No one can say that a PS4 game looks leagues ahead of the X1 version, just because it has a 180p advantage. That's not enough to make a huge difference no matter how you spin it. Barely even a small difference. But I know where the disconnect is coming from. Some fanboys (of the new generation of gamers) think that "better resolution" equals "better graphics." Not the case. The video that the game is playing on has a better image quality. Doesn't have better graphics. And no the PS4 isn't running anymore graphic fx than the X1. It runs the same fx, its just that sometimes the X1 has to lower its resolution (and on occasion frame rate) to keep the same fx the PS4 is running. So this resolution was started by very uneducated gamers who are very stupid.

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NatureOfLogic_1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

The "resolution war" was settled a long time ago. Way before both consoles even existed. Just because a certain fanbase is having a hard time dealing with facts doesn't make it a war. That's just denial. Saying it doesn't matter to you doesn't make 720p, 900p and 1080p equal.

MRMagoo1231351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

The funny thing is the xbone fanboys say they don't care about res and graphics, then an article pops up about the cloud making graphics better or a game has the same res as the ps4 and they all wet their pants, they can't even keep it cool they just explode. Then another game releases and it's nit as good on the xbone and all of a sudden they don't care again , it's making me dizzy.

Everyone just mark stalker as trolling and ignore him. It'll be better for everyone that way.

GundalfDeGrej1351d ago

People need to stop talking about fans as if they're one person. It's not that people are being hypocrites. There will always be people who think it matters and some who don't.

uth111351d ago

Fanboys are just like political partisans or fanatics of a particular sports team.

They have an allegiance to one side. They will latch on to any argument in the moment to justify their allegiance, and a contradictory argument at another time. These arguments are just flimsy rationalizations. The real reason they are attached to a particular side is more emotional than logical. So arguing with them is not going to be productive.

Spotie1351d ago

The victor has already been decided, but the war will continue all gen, just like last gen.

The people asking these questions almost invariably had no problem with this stuff last generation. I find it interesting just how heavy this push to let things go is. Where was all this magnanimity when the 360 had sales or multiplat advantages? Where was all this friendliness when the PS3 was being slammed at every opportunity?

I understand the basic concept that it's silly to argue over this stuff. But it's just as silly to expect this to suddenly stop. And, personally, I don't see why it should. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

gangsta_red1351d ago

Where was all the friendliness and push to let it go? It was still there except it was you and other Sony fanboys talking about it as you all kept saying "media is biased" or "wait until ____ year!" or "US is not the world" or "Naughty Dog this or that".

Funny how when a certain group is on top they can't remember what it was like to be on the bottom. The chance to be bigger and more mature has long gone with someone like you as you can't wait to shove whatever back into faceless, forum tags for whatever personal reason.

But like you said, what's good for the goose and all, plus I like to add, what goes around comes around. What excuses will you have when a certain system doesn't remain on top? This is only the first year, many more to go.

DigitalRaptor1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

@ gangsta_red

Give that a rest. There were friendly people of all kinds, and then there were trolls and fanboys of all 3 consoles. There were some people out there who KNEW that PS3 would end up getting the great exclusive games, outperform the 360 in graphics, and eventually outsell the 360, despite it having a year+ head start.

Looking back on that:

"media is biased" - the media is biased and it's fickle. Gamers who write articles don't know what they want, even when it has it. "PS3 is doomed", "PS3 has no games". That was bias because it wasn't thought through as we know how things turned out. It was sensationalism and hit-mongering and that is a form of bias.

"wait until ____ year" - I can't remember if that was based on sales, or games lineup, but PS3 had a great lineup of exclusive games every year on the market. It was a fallacy to claim otherwise, and those who believed the PS3 wouldn't catch up when it was clearly outselling the 360 practically year-on-year was delusional and deserved a rebuttal.

"US is not the world" - similarly, the same Xbox fanboys who took the piss out of the PS3 and Sony because the 360 was winning in NPD, despite it consistently leading globally, are now damage controlling when the Xbone is not performing in the same way in its home region. The US is NOT the world and it only took, until this generation for Xbox fanboys to realise that. Besides, what is fanboyish about being logical with your arguments despite how petty it might seem? What's wrong with rebutting people who only care about certain facts whilst ignoring others to feed their agendas?

"Naughty Dog this or that" - after the Uncharted trilogy and especially The Last of Us, ND were worth hyping up and praising. Easily one of the top studios in the industry. Are you talking about the praise like "Naughty Gods"? Even I think that's ridiculous.


All in all, the whole "you are worse than these fanboys" doesn't hold water. Both sides antagonised each other for so long and it carries on today because when the roles are reversed and PlayStation is now carrying the torch as it did in the early years, they can't deal with it in a similar way.


"What excuses will you have when a certain system doesn't remain on top?"

There won't be excuses. PS4 will remain on top and Microsoft's billions can't and won't stop that. I've covered why countless times before, but it's kinda ridiculous see people think a stronger global brand without any of the trip-ups it endured last gen, will end up below the brand that started the gen completely flopping in all aspects of what they attempted.

gangsta_red1351d ago

@ Digital

You are worse than Spotie. There ARE worse trolls and fanboys on all sides and guess what... you two seem to be the main culprits that exhibit these behaviors and keep this stupid war going.

The fact that Spotie (actually said) he personally doesn't see why this type of behavior should stop should be enough reason to shake your head violently. But I am sure you share the very same immature views he does.

When PS3 was doing bad I'm sure you and Spotie where in full defense mode spouting off the same excuses as any of these Xbox fanboys are doing now. Funny how the PS3 was able to turn their misfortunes around at the 5 or 6th year mark. But of course being so loyal to Sony, you can't even fathom that this can happen too for the Xbox One, and I'm sure you will go from gloating about sales and being number one to "media is biased" and "wait until such and such releases from ND".

I can see most of you already setting the foundation for when this does happen. It's why you continue to think MS money hats every dev while others do it out of love for Sony. It's why you continue point out specific websites only when they give a Sony game a bad review as MS paid. It's why most of you forgive Sony for implementing the same practices MS implemented for their console (or simply don't mention it).

You are lining up your excuses now so when it does happen you can point and say "i told you so".

Like I said, it's easy to laugh at others while "currently" on top. And yes, both sides have their share of trolls and fanboys, does that make Spotie's comment any better because of it?

MRMagoo1231351d ago

A couple games on the xbone finally hitting the same res as the ps4 does not make parity, if you think it does then what happens when newer releases are lower than the ps4 version, which will happen.

DigitalRaptor1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Do I have to be the one to say it?

So far we're only seeing parity on cross-gen games, indie games and games that don't take advantage of next-gen hardware in any particularly strong case. And even then, as games get more and more complex like we are already seeing with The Witcher 3… ( ), parity will have no say in the matter.

DirectX12 obviously hasn't helped and that is an open-world RPG with complex systems and insanely high detail, less than 2 years into the console generation. When games get even more complex and push hardware past something like TW3, do people really think Xbone is going to somehow reach parity on already established, underpowered hardware?

Kayant1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Truth be said XB1 has gotten better from launch with the improved dev tools and 10% GPU time given back to devs.

Nearing an end? Unlikely there is still a hardware difference that cannot be removed.

End of the year/Next year will tell more of the story with next-gen only titles. Metro Redux(a demanding title being 60fps and having a lot of effects) doesn't point to that being the improvement XB1 got amounted to better framerate and increase from 900p to 912p.

Also it's not just res war there is also an effects/framerate war :P

MasterCornholio1351d ago


What's with all the strange resolutions on the Xbox One?