Pre-Ordering Games, Why You Need To Think About What You Want

Pre-ordering has become a subject of controversy recently. What people get when they pre-order, or more accurately, what is denied to those who don’t, has been used as ammunition in the war against rip-off game retailers across the internet.

What was once an innocuous way of showing your interest, guaranteeing a copy and giving retailers some idea of how many copies to buy in, has become almost a Satanic practice to some. YouTube warriors TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling have both denounced pre-ordering and encouraged their viewers to do the same and boycott the practice

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SaveFerris1468d ago

If someone wants to buy a 'Collectors Edition' with a statue or other physical stuff then that is their choice.
Cutting out content and then selling it as 'Day One DLC' is something I definitely dislike. So long as the content can be unlocked by playing through the game, I'm not too bothered by pre-order DLC.

HanzoHattori1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Another article complaining about something that is completely optional. The "Entitlement" attitude of some gamers is petty and ridiculous. Businesses are in business to make money. DLC is a completely legitimate way for a business to make money. DLC is far more legitimate than the so called "Free To Play" model, but that is another story in itself. No one is forced to buy DLC. And you don't need DLC in order to win or enjoy the original game. This notion that DLC is a scam or a rip off is nothing more than conjured up nonsense.

I have several games on pre-order from Amazon: DriveClub, The Evil Within, Dying Light, Shadow Of Mordor, and others. I have Amazon prime, so it costs nothing to ship and if I want to return it, I CAN! The DLC is nice, but it in no way influenced any of pre-order decisions. If someone was actually taking something from you, like cutting your PSN or Xbox Live membership to 10 months instead of 12 after you have already paid for the 12 months, then I could see the justification for complaining. But to complain about something you have no right to have and haven't even paid for yet is pretty immature in my opinion.

TwoMinTy1465d ago

It definitely irks me when preorder bonus content is stuff that could be considered vital to the game. The only games i preorder are games from franchises that i have been a fan of for a long time and either 1) I am as certain as i can possibly be that i will not be disappointed or 2) the game looks good and said franchise has earned my purchase of a copy of the game in question with previous releases.

when the preorder bonus for a game is something that has a substantial effect on the experience of the game itself, that usually leads me to not buy the game AT ALL simply out of spite, not order it in advance.