DriveClub's comeback


"There must have been a point for UK-based Evolution Studios when it wished the first rule of DriveClub was that you do not talk about DriveClub.

One of the first games announced for PS4, DriveClub was part-MMO, part-traditional racer that promised to change the way people interact with driving games."

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G20WLY1294d ago

"Don't call it a comeback"

ATi_Elite1293d ago

more like a new arrival.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1293d ago

Man I called driveclub back when it was first showed at e3. Everybody was hating on it cuz the graphics wasn't finalized, saying it wouldn't be as good as Forza 5. Now that the graphics have got better though "oh this games is gonna be great"

iceman061293d ago

L.L. Cool J approves this message!!!

otherZinc1293d ago

Another article about Drive Club that said nothing.

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jay21293d ago

Played it in London at the cafe, it was crap then the option to scrap it or continue came up the wrong choice was made I have no idea what they've done or really care, they can't even have weather ready, DC should have been announced this week not last year, come out next year and have the stuff that will be patched, not botching or downloading the psn version.

Spotie1293d ago

That's not trolling at all.

SoapShoes1293d ago

I was there at that cafe in London and I saw that you never even touched it. I even have it on video for proof. You = owned!

GW2121293d ago

Whenever a game gets delayed, it loses momentum with me. If it's good, I'll pick it up. If not, that's ok because it's already in the rear view mirror. Pun intended.

showtimefolks1293d ago

but that's unfair to the game and developers, 3 of the games i wanted badly were delayed

witcher 3
the order 1886
drive club

now drive club delay is gonna end up being an year or close to it, and that sucks. But than the other side to that is the fcr a publisher is willing to delay a game in order to make it better

drive club would have done gangbusters at launch even if the game had gotten mid 7's, because there was not much to play.

so i will always look at a publisher's track record along with who is developing the game when it comes to a delay. Some games are lost cause no matter how many years they stay in development.

I personally can't wait to play drive club since its coming from evolution studios who hired bunch of devs who use to work on PGR. so we are getting the best of racing devs doing a true next gen only racer

its the best looking racer and its not even out yet

one person who's opinion i respect a lot when it comes to Racing game is Daniel Bloodworth from GT, he said after E3 that he was so surprised how well drive club plays and how well the online team racing aspect of it plays into it

GW2121293d ago

It may not be fair, I'm just voicing my opinion.

As I said, I hope it's an awesome game. If so, great, I'm on it. At the same time, the hype that had been built up for me when I thought this would be a launch title was blunted by the lengthy delay. I'm having trouble getting excited for this game again because my brain has moved onto other titles coming out over the next 8 months.

I'm looking forward to witcher and the Order as well. I always had a feeling we wouldn't see those games until 2015 so i never viewed those as "real" delays.

XSpike1293d ago

PGR is awesome, if DC plays like it or better I'd be happy. Just a shame DC won't have them cool online modes like Cat n Mouse.. But if game plays great then I'm happy, them gfx are damn amazing can't wait to race in extreme weather & the rest

OUROSMAG1293d ago

Was all over DC when it was announced, and the delay hasn't diminished me interest. Everything they've shown since the delay has been awesome. and I'll be happy when it's released.

Kingoftherodeo1293d ago

honestly with all the other racing games and other great games that will release around the same time as drive club. how many people are actually excited enough to go out and buy this game?. i don't expect big sales from this game most will just enjoy that free version and move along.

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