The Xbox One hard drive upgrade guide


"In an era where a single game occupies up to 50GB of storage space, the 500GB hard drives found in the new wave of games consoles just aren't going to cut it. We've already looked at potential PlayStation 4 upgrades, but until recently, owners of the Xbox One were left with few options - other than to delete content and re-download it. Thankfully, recent OS updates now finally allow for Xbox One users to connect an external storage device to the console via the system's USB ports, used in concert with the unit's internal drive"

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Rob Hornecker1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

I noticed that the author didn't try out a western Digital EHDD...WHY?

I purchased a WD drive on the 7th of june. I hooked it up to the XB1 and had NO problems formating it and transfering my games over to it. I was amazed at how fast the load times were as well as a noticeable improvement in the graphics. Well it died 1 day over a month of light use!

When the dragons teeth dlc for BF4 came out there was a BF4 patch update,after of which the EHDD would no longer work! My xb1 no longer would recognized it!

I tried out all the solutions I could find on the web and xbox1 forums,but alas NOTHING worked. Even when I set the XB1 back to factory settings,or on another XB1. Oh the drive lites up and is getting power,but the xb1 ignores its hooked up to it.

As it stands,since the place I bought the drive from ONLY offers a 15 day replacement,I'm now stuck with a $130.00 3TB door stop!

To sum things up I just went out and got a 4TB seagate EHDD on monday and will hook it up today. Unlike the WD EHDD,firstly I bought it from a different place this time and 1 that offers a direct replacement for 2 years if this 1 dies!

Buyer beware on this issue with add on drives for the XB1!!! Read up on all you can on them and above anything take out any and all extended replacement polices. You will be happy that you did!!!!!

Rob Hornecker1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )


I just hooked up the new EHDD. So far so good! It formated and was recognized by the XB1. The games are being transfered over,BUT I will keep BF4 on the internal HD since it seemed to be what caused the issue with the 1st EHDD.

Wish me luck as I continue to move things over. Oh BTW I decided to NOT do the auto install to the external HDD. I feel that I will be better off to do it manually when the need comes up.

I also bought a nice battery back up/ surge protector that the XB1 and EHDD will be plugged into....just in case!