Microsoft at Gamescom 2014: What To Expect

Dealspwn writes: "Following months of cleaning house and a surprisingly strong showing at E3, Spencer and co. need to build on their momentum with a cracking Gamescom lineup. As always they're set to kick off an afternoon of press conferences and reveals, so will need to go big from the start or go back to Redmond with tails firmly between legs. So what should we expect from the conference?"

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christocolus1258d ago

I would love a new blinx. Played the first game was really cool.

Blues Cowboy1258d ago

Yeah, agreed, or at least time manipulation etc in Project Spark!

700p1258d ago

I really cant wait for qb <3

IrishSt0ner1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Yea +1 for QB, looking forward to some more info and gameplay footage.