Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth localization petition reaches goal of 50,000 signatures

The petition for Bandai Namco America and UK to localize the Digimon video games, such as Digimon Story: Cuber Sleuth for the PS Vita, has successfully reached its goal of 50,000 signatures.

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tigertron1441d ago

They need to localise Digimon Adventure too.

Blastoise1440d ago

I'd take Digimon Cyber Sleuth and God Eater 2 localizations over Sword Art Online and One Piece anyday, why are Namco holding back the better and more demanded games?

nodim1440d ago

Because DCS is not even out yet and what genious would release GE2 at the same time as FW from the same team?

Blastoise1440d ago

So they can't confirm localization before release? *cough* Tales of zesteria *cough* and God eater has been out since last year in Japan and Freedom wars hasn't even got a release date in the west

nodim1440d ago

>So they can't confirm localization before release?

Of course not, they have other games to promote right now and we all know that FW is coming this year. Pretty much noone announces localizations one year prior so you should just wait, their actions are surprisingly logical and I am sure GE2 and Digi are not going to leave us behind.

nope1111440d ago

Hell Yeah!

C'mon Namco, localize this!

donwel1440d ago

I remember them (Namco) saying that if the petition reached its goal they would certainly start having a look at bringing the games to the west.
Here's hoping they do, or at the very least localise Cyber Sleuth when it gets released, that game tickles my fancy in all the right ways.