Gamescom 2014 Schedule – When and Where to Watch

Gamescom 2014 will not be open for public until Thursday, but there will be lots of reveals between August 11 and Thursday.

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Wintersun6161166d ago

For those missing your local times, you can see how much until the start for Sony's stream here.

And Microsoft's here.

Azmatik1166d ago

Any word on h1z1? Cause i have a feeling theyre gonna announce the release of early access

MRMagoo1231166d ago

ugh the times where good for me in Australia for E3 but gamescom is at 3am here I am gonna be one tired person that day lol.

Malphite1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Omg thanks.

I almost would've missed it. I could've sworn that the conferences were on thursday.

This gamescom really sneaked up on me. I've almost forgotten that it's so close until I saw an article about it last week or so. And now it's just a couple of hours away.

Anyway helpful bubble for you. And thanks to the article submitter as well. I'm so hyped now.

ssjkiet1167d ago

Didn't realize MGS was having it's own showing... OH MERRRH GERDD!

Insomnia_841167d ago

Yeah, they said they would show how far the game has improved over the last video they showed at E3.

Ready for Tuesday. The big guns to end the day with a big bang, Sony and PlayStation!!!

vishmarx1167d ago

mgs witcher and bloodborne have hour long showings each

Spenok1166d ago

Seriously! Can't wait!

mrpsychoticstalker1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Tuesday it is.... Tuesday.

LOL @IMSOMNIA_84 my good old time friend.

700p1166d ago ShowReplies(1)
IrishSt0ner1167d ago

I thought it was today :(

Master-H1167d ago

The CoD multiplayer reveal is today if you're interested in that, roughly 5 hours from now i believe.

IrishSt0ner1167d ago

Cool thanks for the heads up!

DjOps1167d ago

Man I put this up here 3 hours ago, but as I am not a contributor yet it didn't get approved or seen.

Anyway, there is some pretty exciting stuff coming out of Gamescom 2014 rumours!

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The story is too old to be commented.