Top 10 Android Games and Apps of July 2014

MWEB GameZone writes: "The top Android game for July 2014, Traps n' Gemstone received a few perfect review scores, but it's the game at number two, Wayward Souls that should grab your attention. It's an action adventure game, inspired by the likes of the legendary Spelunky. Wayward Souls features procedurally generated levels, which gives it immense replay value. The top Android app for July, 360 Security, is a top of the line free app which protects your android device from malware, security breaches and system vulnerabilities, to name but a few."

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CongoKyle1466d ago

I hear Flappybird is making a comeback this month :D

HoldenZA1466d ago

Haven't played any of those..... I think mobile games are one dangerous from of procrastination.

ExiledBlitz1465d ago

And they are more so than other kinds of video games. . . how? I mean, really? Did you click on the link to an article specifically about mobile games just to share your profoundly unsubstantiated and vague distaste for them?

Tzuno1465d ago

Screenshots from those games would have been nice. I am not going to google all those titles.

HanCilliers1465d ago

Each game/app take you to a link with 3 reviews listed which provides screenshots etc