Sunset Overdrive: is it any good?

X-ONE recently had the opportunity to get hands-on with Sunset Overdrive.

We know you’ve been desperate for more information on Sunset, so we’ve committed our gameplay impressions to video for you. If you want to know how it plays, feels and how it gets our blood pumping, then we’ve got you covered.

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Rockyrob1502d ago

This looks like a riot. Can't wait to get May hands on it!

tgunzz1502d ago

You are not the only one my gamer friend. This game looks wicked fun...

4Sh0w1502d ago

Yeah I dont want to see anymore revealed. I just want the game now.

700p1502d ago

Agreed! The more videos/info i get, the more i want it!

pinkcrocodile751502d ago

Yea, Can't agree more - This is one of the main reasons I bought an Xbox One. Cool machine and a RIOTTING game!

cruzngta1502d ago

This game is gonna make alot of people get an xbox one... looks like more fun than anything out there. I hope it does well and helps sell more Bones. I have it reserved at GS - some day one outfits with it. Hope everyone who gets it enjoys it. For some reason it reminds me so much of the first Crackdown. Dont know why. Maybe the open world and colorful city. Either way this game is gonna be a blast.

beerzombie1502d ago

Some fresh take and Original gamming with some bright color for a change. co-op and on line competitive gamming and music that's not rap.
Day one buy.

Slugfest3211502d ago

I want this game soo bad i hope xbox shows just shows 2 other games i really want at gamescom and then i will be getting myself a xbox one.

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The story is too old to be commented.