Assassin's Creed : Last Gen vs This Gen?

Give the sales figures to date of the last generation consoles vs the current generation - is Ubisoft's move to release two entirely different Assassin's Creed games across seperate generations some kind of feasibility study? A cash grab? A big flipping of the bird to the fans? Or simply good business sense?

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700p1383d ago

One is for last gen and one is for the current gen. Its simple. Ubisoft realized most of there fanbase is still in last gen so they released another version for most of there fanbase.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1383d ago

I'll probably have to pick up two of them but unity will come first.

the_hitman30001383d ago

They both look good tbh. However after seeing unity going back to the big cities and polishing up the gameplay that's got more hype from me. Still hoping rouge comes to ps4/xbone soon.

1382d ago
DjOps1382d ago

I really do like the look of both too.