Re-evaluating The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Aljosa takes another look at Skyward Sword and its enduring legacy. Were all the criticisms about Skyward Sword fair?

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dunnyone1506d ago

One of my all-time favourite games. Great read.

NewMonday1506d ago

the motion controls ruined this game for me couldn't push myself past the first dungeon, first Zelda I missed since Ocarina of Time wish Nintendo would make a remasterd WiiU version with gamepad controls.

origamikid1506d ago

One of the best in the series!

ChickeyCantor1506d ago

Dowsing and the hand holding was off putting. But I think Level design was one of the better ones.

I think I'm going to replay it soon.

Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago

What exactly is all this hand holding I hear about in skyward sword? Most games are easy now days. People always talk about Hand holding but personally I never felt like the game was doing all the work for you. I recently beat WW HD and TP and can say I found them easier than SS.

ChickeyCantor1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Have you met Fi?
She practically bugs you every second. That's hand holding. Nintendo even admits that they went overboard with it ( only after the fact ).

"I never felt like the game was doing all the work for you"
I never said it's doing the "work" for you but it insists on giving you too much information. Let me explore damn it.

The game would have been fine if it wasn't for Fi constantly asking your attention. And the dowsing was extremely stupid.

Other than that I enjoyed the new additions to zelda such ass stamina and the workshop.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1505d ago

Sorry but-

I really don't get the Fi hate.
The only thing Fi used to bug me about was my Wii-Mote Batteries.

And that used to annoy me but it also kept me stocked and ready.

Spookshow1506d ago

Don't understand the hand-holding complaints. I play Zelda to be amazed and to have a good time, there's always Dark Souls for a good challenge.

Tiqila1505d ago

hand-holding does not mean the game was too easy, it just means that the game (Fi) keeps annoying you with hints. Some things would be more fun to discover by yourself and some hints are useless and you don't want someone to constantly tell you what to do next...

thezeldadoth1506d ago

playing it for the first time right now. i love zelda but for some reason i waited so long to pick this one up. i'm actually loving it so far

JacketsNest1011506d ago

Enjoy the best Zelda story ever, man. Also, have fun going against one of the best villains in Zelda history as well.

Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago

The motion controls in this game is really something every gamer should experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.