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Re-evaluating The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Endlessbacklog.com Aljosa takes another look at Skyward Sword and its enduring legacy. Were all the criticisms about Skyward Sword fair? (3DS, Nintendo DS, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii, Wii U)

dunnyone  +   233d ago
One of my all-time favourite games. Great read.
NewMonday  +   233d ago
the motion controls ruined this game for me couldn't push myself past the first dungeon, first Zelda I missed since Ocarina of Time wish Nintendo would make a remasterd WiiU version with gamepad controls.
origamikid  +   233d ago
One of the best in the series!
ChickeyCantor  +   233d ago
Dowsing and the hand holding was off putting. But I think Level design was one of the better ones.

I think I'm going to replay it soon.
Big_Game_Hunters  +   233d ago
What exactly is all this hand holding I hear about in skyward sword? Most games are easy now days. People always talk about Hand holding but personally I never felt like the game was doing all the work for you. I recently beat WW HD and TP and can say I found them easier than SS.
ChickeyCantor  +   233d ago
Have you met Fi?
She practically bugs you every second. That's hand holding. Nintendo even admits that they went overboard with it ( only after the fact ).

"I never felt like the game was doing all the work for you"
I never said it's doing the "work" for you but it insists on giving you too much information. Let me explore damn it.

The game would have been fine if it wasn't for Fi constantly asking your attention. And the dowsing was extremely stupid.

Other than that I enjoyed the new additions to zelda such ass stamina and the workshop.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   232d ago
Sorry but-

I really don't get the Fi hate.
The only thing Fi used to bug me about was my Wii-Mote Batteries.

And that used to annoy me but it also kept me stocked and ready.
Spookshow  +   233d ago
Don't understand the hand-holding complaints. I play Zelda to be amazed and to have a good time, there's always Dark Souls for a good challenge.
Tiqila  +   232d ago
hand-holding does not mean the game was too easy, it just means that the game (Fi) keeps annoying you with hints. Some things would be more fun to discover by yourself and some hints are useless and you don't want someone to constantly tell you what to do next...
thezeldadoth  +   233d ago
playing it for the first time right now. i love zelda but for some reason i waited so long to pick this one up. i'm actually loving it so far
JacketsNest101  +   233d ago
Enjoy the best Zelda story ever, man. Also, have fun going against one of the best villains in Zelda history as well.
Big_Game_Hunters  +   233d ago
The motion controls in this game is really something every gamer should experience.
MilkMan  +   233d ago
Nothing to re-evaluate. Game was dope.
Chrono  +   233d ago
Skyward Gimmick
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   233d ago
Troll elsewhere. Things like you are the reason fanboys and console war soldiers keep giving the community a bad name.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   233d ago
The game truly did insist on directing the player too much, was far too linear up until the second half of the game, and the side quests were very lame, but the overall story, combat, and the item creation system were all marvelous steps forward for the series.
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Warj  +   233d ago
I think I'm in the minority about my distaste for the game.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of excellence and so many cool new ideas.

I just couldn't help hating the game because of Fi and having to repeat each section 4 times (and 1 entire dungeon) made what should have felt like a masterpiece instead feel like Nintendo stretched a 6 hour game into a 20+ one.

It kind of became a symbol of all the bad decisions they made during the second half of the Wii's lifespan. Too bad to, because I really want to love it. Maybe someday I'll give it another shot.
-Foxtrot  +   233d ago
It was the worst main Zelda game, it was a step back in almost every way

It was linear as hell

It was repetitive

It held your hand through one big ass tutorial

It felt like it had became accessible and too easy

Forced motion controls

I could go on. It's easily the worst main Zelda game in the franchise.
leemass24  +   233d ago
but thats your opinion personally i liked it and i wouldn't say its the worst main game, i didnt like the handholding but i liked everything else plus some of the bosses were in my opinion some of the better ones in console zeldas.
-Foxtrot  +   233d ago
You could take it as that but the facts were

It was linear, it was repetitive, it did hold your hand (Fi), it did have forced motion controls

When I say it's the worst main Zelda game that's my opinion but to say the above is just an opinion when it's pretty much fact.

Past Zelda games were more open, was less repetitive, it didn't have much hand holding and they didn't have forced motion controls. That's not really an opinion is it.
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ChickeyCantor  +   233d ago
The bosses were pretty awesome ( eventhough easy, but eh...).

I just find it funny how Foxtrot complains about "forced motion controls". I mean enemies and bosses wouldn't work if they were designed from the players traditional controls.

"It was repetitive "
What zelda game wasnt?

"It felt like it had became accessible"
lol...Let's introduce severely complex controls. That will show 'm!

"but to say the above is just an opinion when it's pretty much fact. "

eh no.

"Past Zelda games were more open"
Past zelda games were actually pretty linear. Very linear in fact. It's the illusion that is an open game. It really isn't. Get Item > proceed to temple > get Item > proceed to next quest.

"t didn't have much hand holding "

Someone forgot about Ocarina of Time. Granted it's not as severe. But Navi was sure bugging you.

I'm a huge zelda fan and I call BS when people say that zelda: [insert title] is linear. Even though it always has been linear. Side quests do not bare any importance on the main plot and definitely do not make it more "open".
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leemass24  +   233d ago
lol zeldas were more open, you mean had more of an illusion of being open you couldnt go anywere whenever you wanted so not really open is it.
Metallox  +   233d ago
"It was linear, it was repetitive, it did hold your hand (Fi), it did have forced motion controls "

Those are facts but that doesn't make the game bad necessarily. It's still your opinion. There are actually people that like the game, even in the conditions you mention.

Don't give me wrong, I think the game is blind and boring, I could barely finish it.

But remember that linearity and extensive repetition of mechanics don't make a game bad necessarily.
-Foxtrot  +   233d ago
It dosen't make a game bad when the game has always been like that but when you've experienced something and it's taken away then it's inferior.

Imagine if Fallout 4 restricted where you could go on the map, like you couldn't just go out and explore the world, it become closed and limited. It would be terrible and it would reflect on the game because those games, or Bethesda games in general, have always been about exploring and being free to do what you want to do.

I just can't believe people want to make out like it's better then past games for cutting features from it or limiting them. That's blind fanboyism at it's best.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   232d ago
Once again,
the only time Fi bugged me was when my Wii-Mote was running out of juice.

You did not have to ask Fi questions-
and I often felt like I missed-out because I did not ask her to analyze all of my enemies.

If you did not like Fi why did you use her?
She's a robot/sword but she has feeling you know?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   233d ago
Zelda 1 is my favorite Zelda but Skyward Sword matched that joy.

I loved everything about the motion controls.


the combat system reminded me, in a way, of Zelda 2's more "complex" combat system and I hope that it returns (as an option).

The story and environments oozed with charm, so much so that I wanted a direct sequel.

That being said,
I understand most of the criticism.

The worlds were pretty small and unconnected, if you thought/think about it-
They were expertly designed- I would rather have that than the huge empty fields like in TP.

I would be more than happy with another Zelda like SS.
it looks like they are trying something new, making a better Open World game.
-And I am excited about that as well.

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