7 Xbox One Features & Upgrades We Need

Here are 5 apps and upgrades that the Xbox One needs in the coming months. They’re not organized around importance, but each of them is essential to making the Xbox One a decent gaming and entertainment experience.

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ATi_Elite1506d ago

MS should Dump the GPU for a more robust one that is equal to or betters the PS4.

Leave every thing else the same.

Devs would program for the Lower End GPU SKU but the Higher end GPU SKU would scale the game up to PS4 Standards or better and give XB1 v2.0 gamers better graphics and 1080p 60fps gameplay.

Hey and even offer OLD XB1 owners big discounts to trade up to the new GPU sku.

MS should make this move NOW while things are still easy to overcome.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1506d ago

Lol ok, I'm an xb1 owner but that is a pretty silly idea dude, the graphical differences between these consoles is insignificant unless you're a ps fanboy and in that case it's not marginal it's a huge disparity but oh we'll, whatever...

cfc781506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Time you had your corn flakes that goes beyond wish full thinking and then some,quit dreaming and buy a PS4 you won't regret it.

LAWSON721506d ago

Or he should of had a lot of Lucky Charms

ThePope1506d ago

Or he could buy an X1 and he won't regret it.

jamsam3601506d ago

Ya I would cause then it would be a paper weight! Fanboy!!

kneon1506d ago

That would be the death of xbox.

They would piss off existing customers with no guarantee that it would increase sales enough to make a difference. Even if they decided to do this today it would be at least 6 months before such a product would ship, probably longer. And then it would be even longer before there were any games that took advantage of the increased power.

They've already shipped about $3billion worth of consoles and will probably add another billion or two at a minimum before this new product was available. To offer a big enough discount to appease existing owners would likely be billions more dollars. And what do they do with the 100's of millions of units sitting on shelves in stores and warehouses?

darthv721506d ago

just playing the devils advocate for a moment...depending on how long a product has been on the market in comparison to its sales within that time frame, it isnt inconceivable to make such changes.

in fact it happens to lots of retail products all the time. the only difference is we have a game console but what really sets that apart from a car or a TV or some other consumer product? MFG's make changes to their products after launch if there is sufficient reason to do so.

Not to mention that it wouldnt 'technically' be the first time improvements to a product have been made after the initial product has released. the PSP 2000 is a perfect example. Granted it is on a cheaper scale than a full console but it had several improvements made to it that those with the original 1000 were not privy to.

The screen was improved, the unit received TV out support also got double the internal RAM of the previous model. it went from 32mb in the 1000 to 64mb in the 2000. That didnt alienate the user base. If anything it created even more incentive for people to buy at that time. They were getting a cheaper yet more improved product than what was released just 2 years before.

as i said, just playing the devils advocate here and in no way am i saying this "should" happen. but if Ms were to...say...sell off all remaining units in the stores now at $100 less ($299) and then next year they reveal the new and improved XB1.5 for the same price. I'd bet people would buy it up quicker. And it wouldnt just be new customers but existing ones as well.

We have seen where revised hardware spurs sales of even existing customers. And i really doubt there are "100's of millions of units" at retailers. Probably not even 10's of millions yet.

kneon1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

People expect other products to be upgraded frequently. Console buyers don't expect their console to superseded by a more powerful one only year after launch. It will piss off their most loyal supporters who bought the console at launch.

And you're right, I missed a word in my last sentence, it should have said "100's of millions worth of units".

FanboyKilla1506d ago

Lmfao nice try to downplay. its a f n machine. im positive i dont need it upgrades and apps. would be nice though right? but do i NEED it? Nope. nice try though. i need water, food, sleep. if you feel entitled to upgrades and apps do your thing. lol they are constantly making xone better and you say, i need this though. what next gen console has more features than xone? nice try.

gangsta_red1506d ago

I love how Sony fanboys really think there's this huge obvious difference in graphics. Especially when you go to early articles on this site and all you read are differences in blacks and the trees are greener.

This makes me think that the graphical difference of this supposed powerful machine is miniscule. Especially since the games (especially the multiplats) have the same bugs, play the same way and have the same features.

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equal_youth1506d ago

So much isn't changeable :D but i would like to have a more friendly and accessible Ui.
they really should get away from thaaaaaaaat Touchpad vibe or at least have an option for non kinect users. if they could be so kind oO

yankolo1506d ago

Come on mennnnn give me some backgrounds plsss....oooo and I love the 360 dashboard everybody sould....

LAWSON721506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I want more than backgrounds I want themes specifically designed around the tiles and maybe even change the look of the tiles and even the main apps like friends and games and apps as well.

Dewitt1506d ago

These big beautiful achievements and nothing to do with them, perfect wallpapers. Windows Phone styling titling and overlay along with live updating titles. Auto channel changing would be awesome and add like a five second timer so you can cancel it if you are watching something currently.

yankolo1506d ago

Anything but that black cant be so hard...

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