Styx: Master of Shadows – Preview | GamingLives

GamingLives takes a look at the upcoming stealth-em-up from Cyanide Studios, which offers a slightly different take on the norm.

"This isn’t a game where just making it to the end will suffice for some players; to this end, Cyanide have made each chapter possible for players to speed-run, traverse non-lethally, or acquire the ever-coveted ‘ghost’ status for making it through a level without ever arousing an enemy’s suspicions or being seen. To add to the replayability, some of these tasks won’t be possible to complete in a single run, encouraging players to go back and play them over again until they’ve proven they’re the sneakiest, fastest or most pacifistic. Add in a spate of collectibles and an average runtime of fifteen hours, and there’s plenty to appeal to the sneakiest of gamers."

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