Lounge Play #20: Something New Drives Into Play

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"Hey Vita Loungers, welcome to the latest edition of Lounge Play - our weekly multiplayer gaming get-together; are you ready for something new?

This past Saturday the TVL team and guests played some Killzone Mercenary and Table Top Racing!

That’s right folks, a new multiplayer game has entered the fray with PlayriseDigital’s release of Table Top Racing – which just hit the PlayStation Network this week in North America and Europe thanks to publisher Ripstone.

While we wait for staff writer James to write the review for us however, this might just be a good way to see if this one’s for you!"

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teflontactics1436d ago

Great ones this week guys, very sorry I missed out!

TylerOlthoff1436d ago

Love playing with everyone! Missed having you there Kyle!

Paul_Murphy1436d ago

I sucked at KZM, but Tyler blatantly should have died a few times when I was shooting. I reckon that special Vita of his had some hax built in for KZM. ;)

TTR was great fun, could do with a few MRS in a race though.

ruefrak1436d ago

I have yet to try it, but I think that since it seems everyone else also sucks at KZM, maybe I'll have to try Lounge Play one of these weeks. It's just I always forget when saturday comes around that you guys are doing this.