Gaming On The Cloud: Hands On With The PlayStation Now Beta | TSA

TSA: "The long and short of my experience with the beta is that it absolutely works as advertised, but some changes are needed to really put it over the top."

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danowat1438d ago

So not only is it overpriced, but it also has graphical and audio issues, and controller lag? sounds like a real winner.

DragoonsScaleLegends1438d ago

I only noticed controller lag but the graphics looked pretty close to what ps3 games look like natively and I noticed no audio issues.

DragoonsScaleLegends1438d ago

I have rented killzone 3 on ps now and it definitely has latency issues. My D:20mbps/U:2mbps is not enough to play ps now games even though it says my connection is fine. I feel to much lag in my movement. It's playable but just not good enough to be worth playing games on unless having really good internet will get rid of the latency. Also I played wireless and there was more lag issues than when I plugged the ethernet cable directly into the console.

TKCMuzzer1438d ago

If anyone can they should avoid playing games on a wireless connection altogether. Home-plugs are a good alternative.

TKCMuzzer1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Sony really need to launch the beta in Europe where internet infrastructure is better, this would give a real indication of how the service could operate.
Also remember that the internet infrastructure will always be improving so you would assume that PlayStation Now's streaming quality will.

He also states he had a ping of 30ms, I would have expected this to be a bit quicker if he was in a major area. As long as Sony have a server in the UK I should be fine, I get 15ms or below on tests across the UK, we shall see.