Bloodborne Devs Considering A Photo Mode

Bloodborne, From Software’s PlayStation 4-exclusive action role-playing game, may feature a photo mode when it launches next year, according to a tweet by producer Jun Yoshino.

“Thanks for the input, we will definitely look into it. I agree that its a great feature!” Yoshino wrote in response to a fan’s question if the developers were planning on integrating the feature.

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DonDon1378d ago

Get on twitter and show your support for it!

vishmarx1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Hell yes we need it in every game.
i spend an insane amount of time at this stuff.
ill capture all my epic deaths lol.

though i aint gonna use twitter.

q1 next year is unreasonably epic.
the order,the witcher, mgs v and bloodborne.
4 simultaneous goty candidates

colonel1791378d ago

"Hell yes we need it in every game." DEFINITELY! Amazing feature!

ZodTheRipper1378d ago

Photo Mode is always appreciated as long as it doesn't impede the gameplay, I'll support it.

FamilyGuy1378d ago

I bet this kind of annoyed them. Here they are working hard to get their game up to snuff an out on time and here come fans asking for an additional feature lol. It's a great feature, no doubt, but unless it's in a post release patch you just know the added time for implementing it is going to increase the overall development time.

KingKelloggTheWH1378d ago

Done. Seriously,I need this.

DarkOcelet1378d ago

Photo mode is becoming really awesome lately , cant imagine how good driveclub or uncharted 4 will look on it .

killer4fun531378d ago

Every Playstation exclusive should have photomode.i hope gta v get it too

GarrusVakarian1378d ago

I think every game should have it, but GTA V is the game I'm hoping has it more than any other. I'd love to spend hours photographing that detailed map.

Agent20091378d ago

Whoever disagrees with Lukas doesn't know sh*t about how beautiful the vistas in GTA V are.

Omran1378d ago


I hope Uncharted 4 will have this feature and I think
it will considering TLOU Remastered have it :)

MasterCornholio1378d ago

They really should implement this feature. Its a great way to show off their games.

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The story is too old to be commented.