Is another Xbox One price cut coming at gamescom 2014?

In the space of one week the Xbox One has seen four price drops in the European region; one so far declared as made in error. With Gamescom 2014 looming, are these drops indicative of a larger price drop?

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no_more_heroes1107d ago

It was a price cut? I thought it was just a cheaper option that came without Kinect. Price cut would imply that the original $500 Kinect version permanently dropped in price as well, no?

DesVader1107d ago

There were more prices cuts than the non-kinect version ;). All good - cheaper for Christmas is a fine idea.

iamnsuperman1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

I can tell you the most likely reasons this is happening. There is a big conference coming soon and Amazon or other retailers have a bit of stock that needs moving. Cutting the price before the conference means they can shift more units. After the conference the price will go back to normal as, usually, following these events the buzz generated increases and Amazon is likely to push more unitz

This is just a simple case of Amazon trying to push units (hence the countries it has happened in). Signs from Microsoft say they wouldn't do this.

bouzebbal1107d ago

price cut? i don't think they can afford another epic fail, especially after they lost half a billion in the last quarter.

BiggerBoss1107d ago

While another price cut would be great for consumers, it would be a TERRIBLE PR move. The internet would eat MS alive

Death1107d ago

They made 900 million in the division for the end of the fiscal year which was just released.

Perjoss1107d ago

If it gets really cheap I might buy one to play Halo

Magnes1107d ago

@BiggerBoss You are right MS is between a rock and a hard place. If they keep current pricing sales continue to lag if they drop price their image suffers.

Kribwalker1107d ago


MS profited $6.5 billion last quarter and $22 billion last fiscal year. If you are going to poo poo someone's financials you should look in the mirror at Sony's as they have been in the red fiscally for at least the last 7 years, and by big numbers too

ABizzel11107d ago

I doubt it.

It would be great for the holiday sales, and all 3 manufactures should be able to drop price at this point if they wanted to. However, I think they want to have their full worldwide launch at a $400 price point for maximum Day 1 profit, then have a price drop Spring 2015 ($349) when their big guns start rolling out.

SmielmaN1107d ago

I don't think it's coming here in Canada. I just got a bunch of emails from retailers offering 3 launch titles for $99 and a Forza+Ryse kinect bundle for $499. Either way it's evidence that the retailer and MS are trying very very hard to move the xbones. What was it MS said last gen when the PS3 cut it's price after about a year? Something like "when you cut price that early it sign of failure? Or something like this. But this gen they termed their unbundling/price cut as "options" and "value". I honestly think the next price cut by MS is met with a price cut or better bundles by Sony.

ScottyHoss1107d ago

When will they make a discless X One? I would buy that for halo and forza, 350, but matching the PS4 makes it not worth it. Not to mention the size, taking out the drive might make it not so bulky

Moe-Gunz1106d ago

Microsoft's entire profit and the Xbox division's profit is being confused here.

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lord zaid1107d ago

Amazon have cut the price of the Kinect inclusive bundle in Italy, France and Germany. And sometime last week Microsoft cut the price of the Kinect-free bundle in Spain, but then said they made a mistake.

Seems suspect, don't you think?

HanCilliers1107d ago

I doubt Microsoft will do a price cut, it'll upset a lot of customers. I recon if this should ever happen, that it'll only be after the XB1 was released on all countries.

ramiuk11107d ago

they stopped making them at one point because they had so much stock in storage.u can still get the titanfall bundle in laods of shops in UK(available for around £375).

tinynuggins1107d ago

There haven't been any xbox or ps4 price cuts yet. new skus are not price cuts. Retailer sale prices are not price cuts.

rainslacker1107d ago

I suspect a 360 and PS3 price drop to be a more likely scenario. There is still steam left in them, particularly in the PS3's case, and while there may be some wiggle room on current gen, I doubt they'd do the price drop thing within the first year. Although, it has happened, I just don't see it as necessary since the consoles are selling well overall, just one poorly compared to the other, but well on it's own.

Gamer19821107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Yeah the Kinectless version version was technically a price cut.. They cannot cut it again so soon as it would look to the mass market like they are in trouble. It would hurt stocks and MS care more about stock and investors than the average consumer.

JeffGUNZ1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

It was not technically a price cut. They removed the Kinect camera, selling the console for $399. They provided a cheaper option by removing a piece of hardware that some people were hesitant in paying for that was mandatory. That's like saying if Sony sold a PS4 SKU with a camera in it as an option now and people are saying "Sony raised their price." No, they offered another option, a different package.

Also, they will not cut prices in America, the console doubled in sales the month they sold the kinectless console.

Magicite1107d ago

MS is already loosing lots of money on X1 hardware, price cut might be not be an option anytime soon.

MRMagoo1231107d ago

Lol disagrees , it's a fact MS have lost loads of money on the xbone so far , there report said over 400 million. Just because you don't like what this guy says doesn't mean it's wrong.

Death1107d ago

They made 900 million on sales of 9 billion. Revenue was increased for the year by 3.2 billion, but the cost of revenue also increased which is where people are coming up with this 400 million figure. Take a look at the financial statement yourself so you can stop spreading misinformation.

Allsystemgamer1107d ago


Didn't Microsoft just release a statement saying they lost nearly half a billion in the xbox division?

JeffGUNZ1107d ago

Here you go fellas, to clear up the misinformation:

MS actually gained revenue this year compared to last.

BG115791107d ago

The trap is in the words chosen to announce the revenue. They speak of xbox plateform not xbox one. If revenue has increased is because of the sales of the 360. That's why they announced they sold more the numbers of consoles sold, xbox one and 360 together.
If they would announced the numbers just by console the picture would be different.

Spotie1107d ago

Well said, BG. There's a reason they didn't single out the XB1, but instead said "platform," which would include Live, the 360, and other such things along with the new console.

Moe-Gunz1106d ago

Again Microsoft's overall profit is being confused with the Xbox division's profit.

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equal_youth1107d ago

yes in germany the kinect version will drop from 500 to 430Euros.

MaxKingoftheWild1106d ago

Well, yes. That is exactly what it is. However, it's a lot easier saying "price drop" than saying "the entry price for buying the XB1 is now lower than it was at launch." when anyone says price drop that's obviously what they mean. No use to argue semantics.

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SonZeRo1107d ago

Soon the Next Gen (can we still call them Next Gen if they are already here?)consoles will be cheaper than Current Gen consoles. :)

DesVader1107d ago

wishful thinking but unlikely :D

Fanci1107d ago

They probably won't be as cheap as the last gen consoles right now for another 6 or 7 years lol

dodgemoose1107d ago

Highly doubt this generation will last that long.