Samus and Meta Knight Mii Fighters Joins The Battle In Super Smash Bros.

Today, director Masahiro Sakurai has once again used his "Pic of the Day" updates to share more information on the upcoming title, Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS. Continuing his habit of good nature trolling in Miiverse, Mr. Sakurai has playful revealed that Mii Fighters will be able to wear mascot themed costumes.

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stanr1469d ago

I wish I had Wii just to play this game.

robparko1469d ago

Disagree. You wish you had a Wii U to play this game.

3-4-51469d ago

Just bought an XB1 today but I'm glad I kept my Wii U. Can't wait to play this game.

randomass1711469d ago

Congrats on your purchase! Hope you enjoy both systems. Maybe I'll see you online in Smash 4. :D

kirbyu1469d ago

Is this Sakurai hinting at Meta Knight or did he just forget that Meta Knight hasn't been confirmed yet?

lizard812881468d ago

As well as G&W in the Pac-Man trailer.

MSBAUSTX1469d ago

It would piss me off if Meta knoght wasnt in this one. He was good in Brawl. I believe that all characters that are accepted in to the SSB canon should stay throughout the rest of the series. Just my opinion. Also I really want them to bring Rygar into a smash game. They could really give him a good chance at a decent Rygar game on the Wii U.

Concertoine1469d ago

I dont think that should happen. A lot of them are clones. Like how many people want young link or dr mario back?

1nsaint1469d ago

was young link ever in a smash game? or do you mean toon link? he's been confirmed for smash 4 for a while now.

So far there has been only one official clone and i think dr. mario might be a alternative costume for mario, which is very possible since the alt costumes aren't just color pallet swaps anymore (wire frame mac, male/female villager and wii fit trainer)

admiralvic1469d ago

"A lot of them are clones. Like how many people want young link or dr mario back?"

I would love to have them come back, maybe not as unique fighters, but certainly as a costumes. This is a great way to add a lot of variety for very little effort.

Like imagine having costumes like...

Mario, Tanooki Mario, Dr. Mario and like 8 bit Mario (do the same for Luigi)
Kirby, Yarn Kirby, Classic box art Kirby
Yoshi, Yarn Yoshi, Yoshi Island Yoshi

Considering they're already doing something like this for Link and a few other characters, I would certainly love for it to be true for all the fighters.

1nsaint1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

i'm pretty sure he's back in, i don't think a franchise as big as kirby will have only one representative.

(edit) forgot about king dedede but still i think he will be in