Resident Evil TV series in the works

With so many television shows being developed that are based on movies and comics, it has been reported that a horror show based on 'Resident Evil' video games is being proposed.

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stanr1353d ago

As long as its on HBO, FX or not Network and SyFi than Im all for this.

dafegamer1353d ago

this^^ HBO is definitely going all out with the gore, for sure.

DevilOgreFish1352d ago

"Resident Evil TV series in the works"

It's so hard to be excited for this. the movies were meh, with the 3rd movie being terrible. I would prefer the series to be CG, the casting of the live action movies were barely accurate.

dafegamer1352d ago

the first movie was actually decent

stanr1353d ago

However if a Network does pick this show up than I know its going to be dumb. Or it will be brilliant but the network will treat it like crap (Firefly, never forget).

nope1111353d ago

Oh god please hire the original live action actors.

DarkOcelet1353d ago

With a good cast and the walking dead like effects , it would be great .

IRetrouk1353d ago

Season 1, resi 1 story, season 2, resi 2 story, season 3, resi 3 story, thats how I would start it all off stick to the cannon and never ever mention the films or reference them in any way.

Nerdmaster1353d ago

I don't think there's enough story in a single game to fill a whole TV season.

IRetrouk1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Over 6 or 12 episodes? Definitely enough of a story, dont forget the bravo teams experience could be included from the first, the second game has two characters split up for most of it, the third game is set over 24 hours, if 24 can do a season over 24 hours so could a resi season.

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The story is too old to be commented.