Star Citizen's $49M crowdfunded budget isn't outrageous, but the risk to the industry is real

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen has raised $49 million in funding, and the latest milestone means that all backers have unlocked a new space plant. The project will also continue to bring in funding from fans, because the $49 million just isn't enough.

"We’ve had a lot of questions about why we still need to continue crowd funding. The answer is that that money is letting Star Citizen tackle longer term features and content sooner than we normally would," Chris Roberts stated in a blog post. "To sustain this level of development, we need to keep bringing in additional funds. Star Citizen is still much less than the other published backed AAA games that have similar levels of ambition (some would even say a little less :-) ) like GTA V, Watch Dogs or Destiny."

The customers are willing, and so is the developer.

This statement has rubbed some the wrong way, but it's also important to remember that Chris Roberts is funding development of a huge game, and paying a team of developers while bringing new people into the world of Star Citizen.

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ATi_Elite1384d ago

There is no risk with StarCitizen.

Chris has shown gamers what he intends to do and it is everything us PC Gamers want which is why we have all been throwing so much money at this game.

also Chris made Wing Commander one of the top 5 games of the 90's and top 100 PC game of all time so his track record speaks for itself.

Jdoki1384d ago

Yeah, agreed. This game is going to be good.

My concern is that at some point we want to actually play more than a thin slice of it, and one that has all systems in place.

At the moment it seems like 'more money = more stuff'. Which is fine, as long as 'more money + more stuff =/= more time before we can play it'!!

I'd rather 'more money = faster release of the core'

Whatever happens, it's great to see space based games like this seeing a resurgence. I'm actually a little more excited about Elite: Dangerous, as the original Elite is one of my top 3 games of all time.

ATi_Elite1383d ago

Good move Jdoki! I have thrown a lot of cash at SC but I have decided to not play it until it's almost complete.

I'm playing Elite Dangerous and I am having a blast. So much fun that SC is an after thought.

Plus Eve Valkyrie will provide another distraction.

So while we patiently wait for SC there is PLENTY to play in the meantime and Elite dangerous is Excellent.

Hey maybe we might get even LUCKIER and X-Rebirth gets fixed LMAO!

DeusEx-Machina1383d ago

You have not read the article.

Not SC or crowdfunding is at risk, the big publisher model is.

aliengmr1384d ago

It would be very risky if it were the only game of its type being released. If it were the only example, like VR, in a way. Meaning, Robert's is doing this solo and everyone is waiting to see if he succeeds before taking the plunge.

With Elite and other space games out there the risk to the genre is minimal.

As far as the risk to "crowd-funding", there might be a little if SC fails, but its going to be hard to fail with feedback coming in at every stage of development. Essentially, the game is already paid for, so all that's left is to make the actual game. And with $50 million that's not going to be a huge obstacle.

I think the biggest impacts SC has had is proving that space combat sims had a market and that we didn't need EA, Ubi, or any other big publisher to make a AAA space-combat sim.

Avery1383d ago

I'd pay more to keep it off Origin

DeusEx-Machina1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

If this will be only half as good as it currently looks to turn out, then it will expose what blanks all the alleged "AAA" games truly are and what we have learned to be satisfied with in the recent years.