Gamescom is here-Check out the on-site photos of PlayStation and Xbox.

Gamescom is coming. PlayStation and Xbox is preparing for their conferences, and you can check out the on-site photos of all of gamescom now.

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DarkOcelet1320d ago

Its gonna be good , i hope they reveal syphon filter for the ps4 ..

jnemesh1319d ago Show
PrinceOfAllSaiyans1319d ago

Hope Sony shows some AAA games and less talking.

SovereignSnaKe1319d ago

~I'm surprised they're not advertising The Phantom Pain? Is it going to be playable or is it just a hands off presentation? -They also have Posters at Cologne Main Station.

migh_and_highty1319d ago

Makes me so happy to see the huge lbp 3 poster (12th image)
and the call of duty poster hidden behind a bridge(13th)

Volkama1319d ago

Are you happy that there is a COD poster, or happy that it is hidden behind a bridge?

JackOfAllBlades1319d ago

Normally I'd say that it's good it's hidden, but Advanced Warfare looks interesting to say the least