Gamescom 2014 Predictions

Here in the United States, gamers are treated to the annual Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3). Abroad, in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom (stylized gamescom) is a great follow-up for even more amazing news. The conference, which really took root back in 2010, boasted a whopping 340,000 visitors last year, with representatives from 88 different countries. That’s quite impressive. If you aren’t excited enough, maybe this will catch your attention: it starts Tuesday, August 12.

So what can be expected at this year's Gamescom? Here is FilmGamesEtc's own set of wish list, in no particular order.

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ATi_Elite1316d ago

Source Engine 2 make sit debut along side so more sneaky peaks at Left 4 Dead 3

sprinterboy1316d ago

Gt6 academy remaster for ps4
Sony bend ip
GG new ip
MM new ip
Super stardust 2
Crash bandicoot