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Developed originally by Cellar Door Games, Rogue Legacy makes it’s journey to the Vita via Abstraction Games (the ones behind Hotline Miami) as a 2D platformer with rogue-like elements thrown in.

Rogue Legacy’s story is told via diary entries placed randomly throughout the castle, and basically begins like this; someone has slain the king and it is your job to find the cure and save his life - the only catch being that if you die you must choose one of your three children to take your place. Each child has different traits that can be funny, helpful, or bad for your progress and after choosing your child you must then must venture forth into an unknown castle that randomly generates its layout.

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Paul_Murphy1467d ago

Great review Tyler!

This game infuriates me, but I cannot stop playing it, as it is so addictive. It oozes charm.

Chaz30101467d ago

Great review Tyler! Just wish that I could get far in the game!