StarCraft QA Session Batch 40 Released

The latest StarCraft QA session is just released, and contains information about death animations, Battlecruiser attacks, Zerg transportation, mapmaking limits, terrain bonuses and Zerg corruption (infesting air units).

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SCFreelancer3812d ago

Its interesting to see how the gameplay over all concept shines true. I am referring to one of the addition questions answered by Karune in which he goes on to explain:

".. in general, features are a tool to shape the gameplay of a game. Features may be good or bad, depending on its effects on the game. Not all features fit your design goals. For instance, multiplayer is about competition. Random factors like a random % of missing based on terrain is not optimal for a balanced competitive game (similarly chess does not have random factors involved when a player wins or losses). On the other hand, in single player, our goal is to immerse the player into the StarCraft world. Here is where the details that add to the story and immersion really count! "

Leord3812d ago

Yeah, I'm just a bit unsure on the whole "different death animations for single and multi-player".. Seems a bit odd tbh.

Or does that mean like "ladder" animations..? I feel confused.. =P

Leord3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I just think it's fun to finally see an answer about the map editor that doesn't say "yes it can do it, and everything".

I didn't expect to be able to that specifically anyway... =)

TheIneffableBob3812d ago

Q. Can the map editor--

A. Yes it can.

VigorousApathy3812d ago

They always say the map editor can do anything. They said the Warcraft editor would be really powerful and then it comes out and you can't edit abilities. They fixed that quickly but you still need coding to change the basic logic of a spell.

Leord3812d ago

I would suspect that you'll still need some level of coding for the more advanced stuff in the editor. It's just soo much work "dumbing" the programming down with a new "language" just so "everyone" can understand it.

Mind you, I don't know any programming =P

Tyrael3812d ago

Official release date plz

Maticus3812d ago

Yeah when the hell is this thing coming out?

Terrice3812d ago

It'll be released "when it's ready", which could very well be 2009. A few online stores put it towards the end of '08 though...

Personally, I'd rather a delayed but complete game than a rushed and buggy version.